Wednesday, August 28, 2013

California Adventures

So a couple weeks ago my family and I took a one week trip to California (and Las Vegas) to visit some family and do some sight seeing! We went to so many places trying to pack it all in one week. I finally finished sorting through the hundreds of photos I took and here is part one...
We flew into San Jose where we were staying with my aunt for the first half of the trip. San Jose has lots of diversity and great food! Being Vietnamese and from Michigan it was really a culture shock to see so many Vietnamese people in one area. I've never had such authentic and delicious food in my entire teenage life!

Probably the BEST banh mi sandwich I have ever eaten. I think I had five over the course of the whole trip...
And it is from Huong Lang, a local restaurant. Check it out here!
This is from a family party with tons of good food! Roasted quail, shrimp salad, noodles, and my favorite..
homemade shrimp balls! Super crunchy and delicious.
My parents really wanted to visit Napa, California and go wine tasting. Obviously to a 16 year old I thought, "What am I going to do the whole day?!". To my surprise, visiting Napa was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It is about a 4 hour drive from San Jose, and driving through the mountains was absolutely breathtaking.

To go to the self guided wine tour, we had to ride up a hill!

It is so cool how each barrel is handmade. I even got to sneak a sip of red wine shhh...
This platter was so delicious and everything was such high quality! My favorite was the smoked duck breast with crackers and cheese.

That day in Napa was so relaxing and beautiful. I felt like I was in the Food Network or Hallie from The Parent Trap (points if you know what I'm talking about)!
Stay tuned for part two...

Much love,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outfits // Senior Photos Fashion

Senior year. My last year as a certified "kid" before I become an adult. Even though I am young for my grade, I already feel old just thinking about this last year of high school. It all went by so fast while a part of me wants to go back to freshman year, but the other part wants to start my life already!

I was super nervous to do my senior photos since I have never done anything like a photo shoot before. We shot everything outside around my school, and I had three outfits with two locations.
All three outfits are super comfortable, and easy to sit down in the grass and woods in the hot sun. I also tried to avoid darker colors (though it was hard) to compliment the flowers and summertime! I wore the same accessories in every outfit to keep things simple as well. And my makeup and hair is basically my everyday look: this is me.

Outfit #1

Dress: Kirra from Pacsun (discontinued) Similar
Shoes: Report Sandals from two summers ago (discontinued) Similar
Outfit #2

I am 5 feet tall, and this 'dress' hits mid thigh, so it is definitely a shirt if you're taller!

Dress/Tank: H & M Similar
Denim Shirt: Forever 21 Similar
Brown Braided Belt: Forever 21 Similar
Shoes: Keds Exact

Outfit #3

I am obsessed with striped shirts. I think they photograph really well!

Top: Macy's Similar
Jeans: American Eagle Exact
Shoes: (Same sandals from Outfit #1)

Pearl Earrings
Black Bow Bracelet: See Song Designs Exact (It also comes in lots of colors + prints!)
Necklace: Unknown Similar

Nail polish:

Toes: China Glaze - Refresh-mint
Fingers: OPI - Do you lilac it?

All photo credits go to Meghal! Check her out here and here!