Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Recently, I've been all about trying new foundations. I’ve been on the hunt for a long lasting foundation that keeps the oil away but still looks natural, it is probably the most important qualification in a foundation for me! For a couple of years, I've been using the Dream Matte Powder, but have never tried any other product from the line until now.

I bought this foundation at Target for $6.99, which I think is a really reasonable price for the amount in the pot. The glass packaging is really nice, but I'm not a fan of dipping dirty brushes into the same pot: I don't like spreading germs! I found it hard to choose my shade, Light Beige, since there are obviously no testers at drugstores (and I don’t like opening products). I picked the color based on my yellow undertone - I was very nervous I would choose the wrong color and end up with an orange mess. On Maybelline’s website, it says there are 12 shades, but at my Target, there definitely were not 12 options. It probably depends on where you buy this foundation for the full color selection. Luckily, the color ended up being a close - ish match.

I would only recommend this product to people with oily skin since it is very matte and drier than most foundations. Also, a good moisturizer and primer are a must. The "mousse" part of the foundation is that the consistency is very unique being a light, airy texture, but when blended, it is creamy. I tried to apply this with my fingers which does work, but not nearly as well as with a brush. I think a dense duo fiber brush like the one from Real Techniques, or a damp sponge would give the best finish. A little bit goes a very long way this foundation, as it spreads out thin covering a large area.

With only the foundation on, it still looks nice without powder or concealer
The finish is almost completely matte, and it gives medium coverage looking flawless. Whenever I wear this, I use a translucent setting powder instead of my usual powder foundation because it can get a little too heavy. I love the way it looks and feels after setting it. The BEST part is it lasts for a long time! It still looks fresh after eight hours, which is a dream when I use a primer and a setting spray.

All in all, only try this if you have combination/oily skin and with a primer!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 
Color Selection: 2/5 
Cost: $

Thanks for reading!

Stephanie x

Friday, January 24, 2014

Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan Lipstick

I received this lipstick as a gift from my cousin around Christmas time and was very excited to try out one of her products! She is a very inspirational person and creates such great content all of the time. The company name "em" means darling or sweetie (I'm also Vietnamese), and I think that is the cutest name!

From first impression, the packaging is very nice and high quality. I love the graphic design on the box and the lipstick casing - it is bright and fresh with her logo and white background. My favorite part is the material that it is made out of because it is study and solid, and doesn't seem like it would break easily when traveling.

The color that I have is called "One True Kiss" and it is called a "creamy color sheer lipstick". It is a nice everyday rosy pink that brightens up my complexion instantly, and would fit most skintones. There are three different types that em cosmetics carries: sheer, classic, and matte lipsticks. I personally don't wear lipstick everyday at school, so I do like the idea of a sheer formula. When I applied it, I was pleasantly surprised at how buildable it was. With two layers, it is pretty opaque for something advertised as "sheer"! With one layer though, it does give a nice tint. The color just glides on, and the consistency is very creamy giving it a glossy finish.

I wore this around the house for a couple hours, including eating time, and it only faded a bit, and didn't dry my lips out at all. I think that this would only have to be reapplied 2 or 3 times throughout the day to keep a fresh color. But because I love the creamy formula, I would definitely apply this more than 3 times just to moisturize.

The price for these runs for $16.50 each which are only available on her website here. To me, I don't like spending a lot of money on higher end products if there are drugstore dupes, but if you wanted to treat yourself or buy this for a friend, these would be perfect!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 
Color Selection: 3/5 
Cost: $$$ 

As always, thank you for reading!

Stephanie x

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let It Go

Hi readers, I've really missed you. It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything substantial, and with exams it has been insane. I am so happy to have these few moments to type whatever comes to mind! This week I went back to something that I began a year ago. It has really helped keep me sane during those busy weeks.

I re-visited my old tumblr that I started in September of 2012. It's actually more like a journal with a compilation of thoughts and memories that I felt were important enough to keep. I did have a couple of notebooks in the past, but whenever I used it I would write so fast. What resulted were pages and pages of messy first grade handwriting that I hated. For personal preference, I love typing, and can do it much more efficiently! I also use the password protected setting on my tumblr, just so it's private.

I think it's a great idea to really type out all of your thoughts and ideas at that moment in time. You can really express yourself and have an open door for any emotions or feelings that need to leave (ie. anger). The best part is that the tumblr app is amazing for journal entries on the go at school. It's very therapeutic and like taking a big, deep breath. Sigh.

Stay calm,
Stephanie x

Ps. (Frozen reference anyone?)
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Outfit | Winter Walks

My first official fashion post. I cannot express how excited I am to be posting this, since it's something I've envisioned my blog to consist of for so long! With the new year, I am able to use a new camera that was bought on black friday, the Nikon D3200. It's the new baby that my family and I have adopted, and I feel so lucky and excited to take pictures of everything

My model (and best friend) Sarah and I found a beautiful location behind our elementary school in a little trail with snow covered trees. It was about 4pm, an hour or so before the sun goes down, and it was lovely. I thought that for my first fashion post, the outfit should be a winter staple. This season I have been obsessed with combat boots, button down collared shirts (in every color), and necklaces that add just enough shine. This is something I wear to school on a daily basis.

Peacoat: Old Navy Exact
Scarf: Local Craft Show (email: Rkkooienga@live.com) Similar
Button Down: Thrift Store Similar
Leggings: DSW Similar
Combat Boots: DSW Similar
Infinity Ear Cuff: Claire's Exact 
Necklace: Forever 21 Exact
Makeup: Revlon Lip Butter - Lollipop

I am very excited to do more posts like these in the future (maybe not in this cold of weather...), and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing!

Stephanie x