Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get Discounted or Free Beauty Products: My Tips and Tricks!

I'm sure all of us beauty lovers can't afford to buy every single YSL lipstick or Chanel foundation. It's just so expensive! Especially for a 16 year-old teen like me, I try to save as much money whenever I can. These tips and tricks can apply to anyone! 

A Couple Tips..
-Signing up to be a 'member' at places like Ulta and Sephora will get you great discounts and rewards, and you can rack up points every time you shop. And get a free gift on your birthday!

-Attend grand openings of new Ulta or Sephora stores, and there might be tons of free products and chances to win! Or go on super sales like Black Friday to get great deals and free items!

These are all items I have received for free at store openings or on Black Friday

-Shop with a friend! There have been multiple times where my friend and I save money with a buy one get one free deal, and we split the price. It's a win win situation.

-I cannot express how much I love Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. Everytime I go, they always have name brand makeup/hair care for super cheap prices. I have seen them carry NYX, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Ardell, Shu Urema, Redken, Tigi and SO many more. They are probably one of my favorite places to buy beauty products!

-I find that Asian supply nail stores always sell nail polish for super cheap prices. The one that I go to is located in Chicago, but there might be one near you! My asian supply store sells OPI for half the price.
These are just a couple of polishes I have bought from my beauty supple store for a great deal!

-Check out the clearance aisle in every store, you never know what you will find! I have purchased so many beauty products in perfectly good condition from the clearance section from stores like Target to Sephora. I even got this Illamasqua nail polish for $4, that was originally $21!

-Cosmetic Comapny Outlet and Designer Fragrances and Cosmetic Co. stores are very popular at outlet malls! These places are great for discounted higher end products (and limited edition): I found my beloved Hello Kitty MAC eyeshadow quad at the CCO for a cheaper price. They carry Kiehls, Lancome, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, fragrances  and many MORE!

Cosmetic Company Outlet Locations
Designer Fragrances and Cosmetic Co. Locations
Here are some products I have bought from the outlet mall for great prices!

Heyitsfree.net is the best source for all things free, beauty or random. I follow them on twitter to get notified whenever there is a new freebie @heyitsfree . I have a lovely pile of samples that I have been trying, all courtesy of this website. I trust it 100%, where I first saw it in 17 magazine a long time ago!

- Don't be afraid to ask for samples if you are never sure to buy a full size product, especially if they are a lot of money. Try it before you buy it!

Have fun saving money!

Stephanie xx

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