Friday, June 21, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

I saw my favorite YouTuber, Arden, post this video and I loved it! I thought this would be a fun so you can learn more about me. Get ready for some randomness...

1. Cupcakesandcashmere.com is my favorite blog.
2. I love riding roller coasters, the bigger the better.
3. I tan very easily (it's not as cool as it sounds).
4. My very first makeup purchase was the NYX jumbo pencil in the shade "Pure Gold".
5. I'm 5' 0" tall.
6. I love to read, and my favorite author tweeted me!
7. I have never bought a long formal dress.
8. My favorite actors are Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon Levitt.
9. My favorite actresses are Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway, and Nina Dobrev.
One of my favorite books by Jenny Han!     Source
10.When I was little, I liked to cut the ends of my hair off.
11. I've seen Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Ed Sheeran, and Fun. live.
12. I LOVE the city (especially Chicago!).
13. My favorite sport to play by far is tennis.
14. I am a huge concealer junkie.
15. I am obsessed with anything high waisted.
16. I am a night owl.
17. Both of my parents were born in Vietnam, but I was born in the United States.
18. I want to go skydiving.
19. The weirdest things I have ever eaten are alligator, snails, and one time a fish eyeball...
20. I am the youngest person in my grade!
21. I only get Sprite, Blue Raspberry, or Coca-Cola flavored slushies.
22. I met Kate Gosselin at a book signing, Jon & Kate + 8 used to be the BEST show!
23.  The Food Network and Full House was all I watched all through elementary school.
24. I love mostly all fruits and vegetables.
25. I have a love/hate relationship with tumblr.
26. I have to have music playing while driving.
27. The Matt Nathanson Pandora station = perfection.
28. On a normal school day, I wear little makeup.
29. I love all social media.
30. I own more athletic wear than actual clothes.
31. Vanillla greek yogurt is my favorite breakfast food.
32. My family and I travel to Chicago at least 5 times a year.
33. I like to cry while watching movies.

34. The CW is the best channel.
35. I love taking pictures, and am saving up for a nice camera.
36. I love Pandas!
37. My middle name in Vietnamese means 'poem'.
38. I don't like to be the center of attention.
39. I play the cello in my high school orchestra.
40. I can be very competitive.
41. I love all sushi!
42. I have one brother who is 4 years older than me.
43. I am not ticklish.
44. I have met Kellen Lutz and he's not bad looking in person...
45. I have a memory box where I keep letters, cards, movie + concert tickets, etc.
46. My dream job is working behind the scenes of movies/tv shows or makeup line.
47: My current celeb crush: Henry Cavill.
48. One time I stole sticky puddy from elementary school.
49. My birthday is November 29.

50. I was introduced into the 'beauty community' through Youtube. It was monumental. This was the first beauty video I saw!

This was so much fun to do, and it actually took me a couple days to come up with all of these facts! Is there anything else you want to know? :)

-Stephanie xx


  1. WOW! I feel like I know you so much better! Thanks for sharing so many important, personal information about yourself! I can't wait to learn even more about you through your blog!