Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outfits // Senior Photos Fashion

Senior year. My last year as a certified "kid" before I become an adult. Even though I am young for my grade, I already feel old just thinking about this last year of high school. It all went by so fast while a part of me wants to go back to freshman year, but the other part wants to start my life already!

I was super nervous to do my senior photos since I have never done anything like a photo shoot before. We shot everything outside around my school, and I had three outfits with two locations.
All three outfits are super comfortable, and easy to sit down in the grass and woods in the hot sun. I also tried to avoid darker colors (though it was hard) to compliment the flowers and summertime! I wore the same accessories in every outfit to keep things simple as well. And my makeup and hair is basically my everyday look: this is me.

Outfit #1

Dress: Kirra from Pacsun (discontinued) Similar
Shoes: Report Sandals from two summers ago (discontinued) Similar
Outfit #2

I am 5 feet tall, and this 'dress' hits mid thigh, so it is definitely a shirt if you're taller!

Dress/Tank: H & M Similar
Denim Shirt: Forever 21 Similar
Brown Braided Belt: Forever 21 Similar
Shoes: Keds Exact

Outfit #3

I am obsessed with striped shirts. I think they photograph really well!

Top: Macy's Similar
Jeans: American Eagle Exact
Shoes: (Same sandals from Outfit #1)

Pearl Earrings
Black Bow Bracelet: See Song Designs Exact (It also comes in lots of colors + prints!)
Necklace: Unknown Similar

Nail polish:

Toes: China Glaze - Refresh-mint
Fingers: OPI - Do you lilac it?

All photo credits go to Meghal! Check her out here and here!

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