Sunday, September 8, 2013

California Adventures Part Deux

Welcome to part two of my vacation in pictures! This is the last half of the trip with the best part at the very end. I am so happy to finally be done cropping, editing, and compiling all of the pictures. And YOU get to see the best ones (out of the many hundreds)! Without further ado...

Venice Beach. Known for it's quirky shops and street acts, it was a very beautiful day. I loved being near the water and seeing the quintessential palm trees line the sidewalk while people watching. I love people watching.

We did see a (not so sober) man step of glass with his bare feet, but I decided not to take pictures of that...
Candid shot of my mom and brother along the pier.
We then spent the rest of the day in Hollywood doing your typical touristy things. I didn't take many pictures since I was a little disappointed with what I saw; the streets were dirty, and it was all a tourist trap! The highlight of Hollywood was (almost) touching hands with Hugh Jackman.

Next, we drove about four hours to Las Vegas and stayed at the Paris Hotel. It was very beautiful and I loved the atmosphere and they also had gelato. The first four pictures are of the Paris Hotel, I actually felt like I was in Paris!

Caeser's Palace buffet: Beet salad, salmon, fried broccoli, and beef bolognaise. 
On top of the "Eiffel Tower"! It was so pretty at night.
 After a couple days exploring Las Vegas, we drove back to Los Angeles and ate at this new innovative restaurant.. It is a Korean BBQ all you eat steakhouse where you grill the meat yourself. The name of the restaurant is called Gen, and it was $15 per person. I thought it was a pretty good deal considering how much we ate! The meat was so tender and juicy and I loved all of the different spices that you can mix and match.

What an array of kim chi!
Lemon lime salt, sesame oil, and a tangy sauce you can add to the meat.
SO delicious! We had some shrimp as well.
My personal favorite part of the trip was the last day spent at Universal Studios where I went to a Jonas Brothers concert at night! We had 2nd row seats in the balcony at the Gibson Amphitheater, and had an awesome view. This is the same place where the Teen Choice Awards were held (and where Harry Styles "twerked"). They played such an amazing set, and pretty much all of the girls there where older than me. Their old music is amazing, and their new songs are even better. Here is what I wore to the concert, and while walking around all day! Comfy and casual.

Shirt: Jawbreaking (discontinued)
Shorts: Gap
Purse: The Sak
Shoes: Keds

I had a such a great time in California, experiencing all of the different places and food. Maybe I will live there someday, who knows? There is still so much I want to do in California! It was lots of fun because I never really go on vacations that often, so it was nice to get out of the house.

Where is your favorite vacation destination? Thanks for reading!

Stephanie xx

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