Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Workout Essentials

Over the summer I have really been into being healthy and feeling good. I had so much time in the summer because I was able to workout relatively often and do what I wanted. And now that school has started, I am just tired all. the. time! I really have to force myself to go running, play tennis, or do circuit training (and go to bed early!). But the good news is that the only hard part is taking the first step, because after that, I really enjoy it.

Here are some of my essentials that I absolutely love when exercising, and my before/after workout food!

run it run it
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- Music. These Sony headphones don't fall out while running, and the sound quality is great! I love listening to workout playlists I find on 8tracks.
-Sunscreen. This is so important when it is sunny outside to protect my skin. The Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreen is never greasy and easy to mix into my daily moisturizer.
-Water. Pretty much a given necessity as I try to drink 7-8 cups a day! This Bobble water bottle filters the water inside so you can fill up water anywhere!
-Fresh Breath + Lip Balm. For years I have been eating a mint or chewing gum before because it makes me motivated and ready. And I never go wrong with the classic Burt's Bees! Who wants to run two miles with bad breath and chapped lips?
-Running Shoes. I seem to wear out shoes so quickly, but it is so important that they are comfortable! My favorite brand is Nike.
-Comfy T Shirt and Shorts. It doesn't matter to me really what brand they are, as long as the clothes aren't a heavy fabric. I usually wear a school shirt and these shorts from Walmart (I have 5 pairs..)
-My Favorite Socks. Socks are really the only thing I am picky on because all socks are different in length, fabric, or color! These ankle Adidas ones fit my feet the best!
-Sports Bra. My favorite types of sports bras are the ones that are padded so I can also wear them during tennis season! I don't really have a preference on the brand, but the Champion ones are nice from Target.
-Pre-Workout Snack. This varies often, but bananas and peanut butter on whole grain bread is so delicious and fills me up just enough. I try to eat this about an hour before. Other options are greek yogurt and granola, protein bars, fruit snacks, trail mix, etc.

-Post-Workout Dinner. This obviously changes from day to day, but I like to eat right when I get home because I am usually hungry. Today, I had broccoli salad, and a chicken cabbage slaw with a side of salmon. ( I had to two plates because it was so good!) For dessert I ate some honey nut cheerios because I was still a little hungry and I always go through phases with cereal. It also craves my sweet tooth!
On most days, I usually exercise at my local gym because I love to work out at night after my homework, but when I do go outside, I might wear yoga pants and a long sleeve shirt! I try to workout 3 times a week including tennis lessons, and I always feel so much better afterwards. I hope to show some of my favorite exercise routines soon: tennis, cardio, circuit training, etc.)

What are some of your essentials for working out? Have fun getting healthy!
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Stephanie xo

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