Friday, November 29, 2013

Turning 17

Another year has gone by. I am officially 17, only one year from being an adult. Being the youngest person in my grade, it feels good to catch up with the rest of the senior class. I have always been the "baby", but I don't mind at all. Part of me would love to pack up and go to college, but the other part of me wishes I was a kid again with no worries in the world (except for those monsters under the bed). So for right now, I guess being a high school senior is just where I'm supposed to be.
Thank you to my best friend Edie for this amazing card!
Every year, it's interesting to reflect on what has changed, and what hasn't. Friendships, relationships, feelings, people, interests, etc. I see who I can trust, and who has drifted away. I see what I miss and what I'm glad left my life. And most importantly, I see what I need to improve.

Thank you so much to all of my readers as this blog is something I love to do. Looking back, I am so happy I started it last year.

As always, see you soon!
Stephanie xx

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