Monday, January 6, 2014

Outfit | Winter Walks

My first official fashion post. I cannot express how excited I am to be posting this, since it's something I've envisioned my blog to consist of for so long! With the new year, I am able to use a new camera that was bought on black friday, the Nikon D3200. It's the new baby that my family and I have adopted, and I feel so lucky and excited to take pictures of everything

My model (and best friend) Sarah and I found a beautiful location behind our elementary school in a little trail with snow covered trees. It was about 4pm, an hour or so before the sun goes down, and it was lovely. I thought that for my first fashion post, the outfit should be a winter staple. This season I have been obsessed with combat boots, button down collared shirts (in every color), and necklaces that add just enough shine. This is something I wear to school on a daily basis.

Peacoat: Old Navy Exact
Scarf: Local Craft Show (email: Rkkooienga@live.com) Similar
Button Down: Thrift Store Similar
Leggings: DSW Similar
Combat Boots: DSW Similar
Infinity Ear Cuff: Claire's Exact 
Necklace: Forever 21 Exact
Makeup: Revlon Lip Butter - Lollipop

I am very excited to do more posts like these in the future (maybe not in this cold of weather...), and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing!

Stephanie x

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