Sunday, March 23, 2014

Love and Beauty (Forever 21) Makeup Sponge

It's always those little cute items right next to the register that get me every single time. I was just about to check out at Forever 21 and I saw the cutest thing. It was this makeup sponge for only $3.80, and I was instantly interested if they were at all similar to the Beauty Blender. I have never used the Beauty Blender ($15+) before, but I was still curious if this would work with my liquid or mousse foundations.
There weren't really any directions to how to use it, but I figured it would be the same idea as the Beauty Blender; run it under warm water, squeeze out the excess water, and apply foundation. Simple, right? The first thing I noticed however was that it didn't really become softer after running it under the water, and it didn't become bigger in size. At all. I still had a teeny tiny bit of hope, so I tried applying it with my thin L'oreal Magic Nude Powder foundation.

Before and after running it under water. I didn't notice too much change *sad face*

I was pretty disappointed with how it worked. First of all, the sponge against my skin was so dense and uncomfortable. It just felt like pressing a rubber ball onto my face over and over while it absorbed all of my product, so I kept having to pour out more. The over outcome was actually pretty nice and natural looking, but it was not all worth it for how long it took. I did also try this with my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation, and this worked a bit better, but it was very unsanitary. After I used it, I washed it with warm water and my Purity face wash. Most of the product did come out of the sponge, but it just stains the sponge making it look dirty.  Overall, I'd stay away from this sponge just because there are many more drugstore dupes that are much better than this- like Sonia Kashuk and even Ulta! I'm definitely going to try those next! :)

Overall Rating: 1/5 
Packaging: 2/5 
Cost: $
Would Recommend: No 


  1. Oh shit. I should have read this review first... I just bought it since I need a cheap sponge asap.
    oh well.. thank god it doesn't break bank ^_^

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. haha that happens to me too on other products as well... if you go to ulta, they should have a cheaper one by real techniques that works well! :)

      Stephanie x

  2. i saw these and i was hesitant to buy them because i felt like if its a knock off it probably wont work as well.

    well, i found a legit REAL DEAL beauty blender for $4.99!!!!! at tj maxx and i love that mofo with a passion. It really does get bigger when you wet it, it really does feel great against my skin, and it really does leave your face all airbrushed looking...i love my beauty blender.

    1. no way! I'll definitely check tj maxx out. They have some really awesome products there sometimes :) x

  3. I have one & love it. Leaves a nice flawless finish.