Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 Hopes + Fears For College

As I leave for college in four days (!!!!), I've been thinking a lot about how it'll be. With that, I have some fears of what might happen. Even though at the moment I am SO scared, all I have to remember is that millions of people are in the exact same situation as me - going to a new place barely knowing anyone.

  1. Roommates - Lucky me, I not only have one, but two roommates! I could have two friends who I will get to know well, or two people who I won't be so close with...Nevertheless, we don't have to be BEST friends, but to just be able to respect and live with each other. I've heard many horror stories, but normal people are out there, right? I have actually texted both of my roommates and they seem to be sweet and nice so far! (Update: One of my roommates moved out so I now only have one!)
  2. Getting Lost - Boy oh boy. I am going to a fairly large school with thousands upon thousands of people, and getting lost while being late to class would be the worst. I can just imagine it - coming into class ten minutes late, walking in while it's dead silent, and having the professor call me out. It's actually one of my nightmares. 
  3. Friends - A couple of my close friends are going to the same school as me, but they're living wayyy across campus. I want to still stay in touch with them, but at the same time there's going to be so many opportunities to meet new people! The problem is the first step where you have to introduce yourself, and it's always so awkward. I'm not a big fan of awkward situations...
  4. Classes - I've heard that college courses are MUCH harder than high school, and I hope I am prepared. I'm not even sure of what I am majoring in yet, and I really don't want to get credit for classes that I don't need. Also, I hope most of my professors are easy to get along with and are good at teaching the material - I'm especially anxious for chemistry! Eeeek!
  5. Parties - Like any college, there's definitely going to be some crazy parties. I'm not against partying, but I was never big into it during high school. I just hope that they'll be a lot of fun, and that'll I'll meet some cool people. Oh, and mostly, really hope I don't get into any shady situations.
What are you looking forward to this school year?



  1. I am sure you will be great, and like you said, just remember that everyone is in the same situation you are!