Thursday, August 28, 2014

5 Seconds Of Summer + One Direction Concert

Last weekend, I probably went to one of the best concerts ever - it's definitely up there with Ed Sheeran and Fun. for sure. One of my best friends, Lexie, had moved to a different state in the beginning of the summer, and she invited two other friends and I to visit her in Detroit. We stayed at such a lovely hotel, and I can't thank her parents enough. I had seen both bands before a year ago in Chicago, but I could barely see because the people in front of me were pretty tall..this time I could see everything clearly! Oh and I apologize for the iPhone quality photos (I have the 5c) because I was not allowed to bring my DSLR into such a big venue like this.

3:30 PM
We got to the hotel, and just like any other girls, we took pictures of our view over Lake Huron - it was SO beautiful. It was a longer drive, so just relaxed for a bit and got ready for the concert.

Props to the Mariott for an amazing location.
4:30 PM
By this time we were starving, so we all got Mcdonald's or Subway in the hotel and then made our way to the "people movers". This was the first time I've ever heard of them, but it's like a subway that's above ground. If you've ever seen Batman Begins, they reminded me exactly of the trains where Batman killed Ra's al Ghul (one of my favorite movies if you didn't know). It only cost 75 cents, and it was a five minute ride - much faster than walking or trying to find a parking spot with 50,000 other people.

5:45 PM
After walking two blocks from the people movers to Ford Field (which is indoor), there was a huge crowd against the fence screaming because someone said they saw one of the members of 5SOS biking by! One of my friends let me hop on her back so I could see, and it was actually really intense because everyone REALLY wanted to meet them and got pretty crowded. With no luck, we went to our seats and just talked for over an hour waiting for 5SOS to come on.

It was a quality piggy back ride
7:05 PM
5SOS finally started, and they were AMAZING. They have improved so much from last summer. Some of the highlights from their set were their songs Beside You, Don't Stop, and their cover of Teenage Dream which they also did last time I saw them. Oh and Luke rapped part of Lose Yourself by Eminem which was pretty cool since we were in his hometown. I honestly think 5SOS and 1D were equally as good - I love them both. A lot.

Around this time they played a video montage of all of the One Direction members at landmarks, and they opened with Midnight Memories. It was SO loud making it the loudest concert I've ever been to - where my hearing definitely turned bad for an hour or so afterwards. From then on they played most of their biggest hits, my favorites being Little White Lies, Diana, One Thing, You and I, and Moments. I recorded some of the songs, but my iPhone5c doesn't have the best camera for pictures. They were so much fun to watch live.

Sadly when it was all over, we went back to the people movers to our hotel. I was on twitter when I saw rumors that some of the 1D members were staying at our hotel, but my friends and I tried not to get our hopes up. They had already left for Nashville anyway, but it was tons of fun to walk around and explore. We ordered midnight pizza which was delicious, and the watched Friends and the videos we took from the concert until 3am!

It was a great weekend.

What are some of your highlights from this summer, and what's the best concert you've ever been to?


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