Sunday, August 10, 2014

Easy and Healthy Pancakes

Ahhh, breakfast. It is no doubt my favorite meal of the day and the best part of the day. Especially during the summertime when the sun is shining, I love playing some great background music and making these pancakes. Last week I woke up and had a huge craving for something other than my standard greek yogurt, fruit, and granola. I wanted something that would really fill me up for the rest of the day!
I found a recipe that inspired mine, except she used coconut flour and apple cider vinegar. (Check that out here!) I wanted to see if my beloved greek yogurt would work, and I was so happy that it did - I even posted a couple of those pictures to my instagram.

They turned out to be SO delicious that I've made them multiple times this week! I eyeballed most of the ingredients, but I tried to make the recipe as exact as possible-it depends what add-ins you want and if you're using oat flour or making you own! It's really all about balance.
Some of my favorite toppings!
Ingredients: Serves 1 (about 5-6 small pancakes)
-1/4 cup 0% fat greek yogurt
-1/2 cup oats (or about 1/3 cup oat flour)
-1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
-1/4 tsp baking soda
-1 egg
-almond milk (optional - depends on how thick batter is)
-sweetener (optional- honey, agave, stevia, etc.)
-add-ins (optional- banana,chocolate,cinnamon,etc.)
-coconut oil

Note: If you're wanting a gluten free version, make sure the oats you are using are gluten free! I found online that Quaker oats aren't "certified" as being gluten free.

1. If you're making your own oat flour, prepare that first by blending 1/2 cup of oats. I used a Ninja single serve blender to get the finest flour. Pulse for 15-30 seconds.
2.Whisk together all of the wet ingredients and slowly add the oat flour and then baking soda. If your mixture is too thick, add a bit of almond milk or water slowly until you get the desired consistency.
3.Prepare your pan by using a non stick coconut oil spray, or by drizzling a bit around the pan - a little goes a long way! Set the stove to medium.
4.Using a large spoon, spoon the batter onto the pan in the desired size (I found smaller pancakes cook faster). Once the batter has risen a bit, check to see if it's golden brown, and then flip when ready. Finishing cooking the other side.
5.Serve with fresh fruit, honey, peanut butter, or pure maple syrup - the options are endless :)

I hope you enjoyed one of favorite recipes, and feel free to customize it however you like! What's your favorite breakfast food?


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