Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bloggers With Class Award

Thank you so much to Carrie for nominating me! I love finding about other blogs with posts like this - there are so many new ones that I'd like to check out.

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Q- What do you think it means to be classy? I think being classy is all about respect. I believe in respecting yourself and everyone else around you is class.
Q- Who are some of your role models? I have so many different people who make a big impact on my life. It can be people like Ellen Degeneres whom I've never met to my favorite music artists like Echosmith and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Ellen is such an influential person using her show and ability to connect with so many people raising awareness and making others laugh! Echosmith and 5SOS are both so talented at a young age, and it's great to see hard working people be so driven.
Of course, my parents are big role models for how hard they've worked, and during the internship I did at church this summer, I met some amazing people who I now look up to.
Q- Who are some of your style icons?  Some of my favorite people to gain inspiration from are Lauren Conrad because all of her outfits are polished and put together, and Hailee Steinfeld because she's around the same age as me and is always so elegant.
Q- Pearls or bows? Pearls all the way!
Q- Who/What inspires you? Never losing hope. No matter what, there just has to be little piece of hope always there. 
Q- What is your favorite color? Any light pastel color! (hence the name of my blog if you didn't know haha)
Q- Do you like the classy style? What are some of your favorite pieces/trends of the style? Yes, it is my absolute favorite. The "classy style" will never go out of fashion, and it's always appropriate to wear. Some of my favorites are fitted blazers, oxford shirts, and nude flats.
Q- What are some of your favorite quotes? I always thought it is way more important to be funny or to be honest than to looking a certain way. - Emma Stone
Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretends to love. - Emma Watson
Oh, you got to just love your Emma's. They'll always be my girl crushes.
Q- Why is it important to have class? I think that if you have class, it just shows you care about you and your morals and how important it is!
Q- Why did you start your blog? When did you start your blog? I started my blog in March of 2013 just for fun, and only did it on and off when I had time. I created Petite Pastels because I had all of these ideas, and I would always watch Youtube videos - it looked so interesting. Even though I don't post as often as I'd like to, I think quality over quantity is important. Also, taking pictures and editing them has been SO much fun to learn along the way, and definitely talking with other bloggers too.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Here's who I nominate:
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  1. Loved this post soooo much!! Your answers are amazing and really inspirational! So happy you did this post!


  2. Ooh this award sounds awesome! I wanna win one just so I can answer the questions haha :) congrats on being nominated x


    1. yeah it's a lot different from my "normal" posts haha! and thank you! I hope you get nominated soon! :)

  3. I love this tag! It's so kind and the questions are so interesting. Great post :)


    1. me too it was lots of fun! thank you so much for reading!