Saturday, August 9, 2014

What's In My Bag?

I used to watch these videos on Youtube ALL the time, so I thought I'd do a little blog post version on what I carry on a day to day basis! I got this purse last Christmas from my mom (it was on sale haha), and I absolutely love the color, shape, and of course, the over the shoulder strap. I will always prefer the longer strap because I can always have two free hands to use instead of trying to awkwardly hold a clutch of a shorter strap purse on one shoulder. Especially while shopping, an over the shoulder bag is a must!

This was my first higher end purse, so if it's raining outside or I know it's a possibility that my bag could get dirty, I will switch over my wallet and necessities into a different bag. That way, it won't be the end of the world if it's pouring rain or I get a couple marks on it. The specific bag I have is from Fossil, and it's the Sydney Satchel in the color camel. I love the size because it holds everything I need and more, the zippers are very smooth, and the strap is adjustable. The only downside I can think of is if you look at the picture on their website, the purse stands up straight when in reality it slouches a bit more in the framing. Also, I am pretty short, so I can't imagine if the strap is adjustable for anyone a lot taller than me - it's 20.75 inches as stated on their website. Otherwise, I will be using it for a very long time, I always receive on compliments because it's so versatile and neutral!

My purse must-haves:
Wallets- The smaller brown wallet is from Fossil (it was a hand me down), and in it is my driver's license, health insurance card, college ID, cash, and debit card - all of the necessities! In the pink wristlet (also from Fossil), I keep all of my gift cards, reward cards, and change. If I need to I can just quickly grab the smaller wallet without lugging everything around. Both of these wallets are years and years old so they aren't available anymore :(
Sunglasses- These were actually from the dollar section at Target and have actually been working really well! 1$!!
Eye drops- I carry around these Refresh eye drops because my eyes become dry when I wear my contacts from time to time and they really help! My family buys the 100 pack from Costco.
Yummy smelling things - I always have these three things - deodorant, perfume (Happy by Clinique), and gum. Often, I'm going straight from tennis or the gym and I don't have time to shower, and who doesn't love fresh breath? This girl's gotta smell good.
Hand lotion - My skin always feels dry, and the Satin Hands by Mary Kay seems to be working well. It was a free sample which is why it's so small and cute.
Bobby Pin(s) - These are always floating around my room, purse, car, and just everywhere. They always seem to be disappearing from the bobby pin fairy.

I'm thinking of doing a gym bag edition because I carry many more things in it! What are some of your purse essentials?

Love always,

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