Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Top 10 Lifestyle Youtubers

Since my last post about my Top Ten Beauty Youtubers, I have easily ten more Youtubers whom I absolutely love! More recently, I have cleaned out my subscription box, staying subscribed to people whose videos I will always enjoy - I'm current subscribed to 443 lovelies. Other than beauty videos which started my love for youtube and blogging, I also learn a lot from fashion, food, and health related videos!

10. Alyx - ayydubs
Alyx's personality is always so bright and hilarious. She's laughing all of the time, and her stories of college are never sugar coated. She's pretty cool - please be my best friend.
Favorite Video: College Advice: Partying, Roommates, and More!
9. Jen - frmheadtotoe
Jen is definitely more beauty based, but she's soft spoken and obviously so sweet. She's super talented makeup wise, and I also love her fashion videos too!
Favorite Video: Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial
Check out her awesome blog too! frmheadtotoe.com
8. Dani - daniaustin2
I discovered Dani from her brother Landon and his music videos (he's pretty awesome too). She's from Texas and is the most charming girl and t know that in college she's studying exercise science, so I really enjoy her health related videos. Oh, but my favorite part is that she plays her brother's music in almost all of her videos and it's the cutest thing.
Favorite Video: Drugstore Makeup Haul
7. Lo - lobosworth
If you don't know Lo, she basically does it all. Recently, she graduated from culinary school in New York, she is an author, she loves fashion, and of course beauty. She's known for being on the MTV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, but in her videos she talks to her viewers like good friends and is so down to earth.
She also has a lifestyle blog as well - thelowdown.com!
Favorite Video: Chocolate Souffle Recipe
6. Judy - itsjudytime
I've been watching Judy for years now, and she always gives the most honest reviews of products. She also has such a loving family, and her vlog channel is pretty entertaining as well! Some of my favorite videos that she does are first impressions on everything from drugstore to high end products - and I can't get enough of them.
Favorite Video: Top Favorite Drugstore Foundations of All Time!
5. Lindsey - lindseyrem
Lindsey is someone that I have been watching more recently, and I love every video that she does because her style is so classy. Her videos are perfect for everyday, and she's definitely someone to keep an eye on!
Favorite Video: HAIM Inspired Lookbook
4. Alejandra - AlejandraStyles
I found Alejandra's channel when looking for some great DIY tutorials. Hers are so easy to follow, and the editing of her videos is just fantastic. They're straight to the point and always so colorful!
Favorite Video: Color Braided Chain Bracelet DIY
3. Tess - tesschristine143
There is so much that I could say about Tess because she does some high quality fitness, makeup, and fashion videos! All of the youtubers that I love to watch are people who are genuine, and Tess is by far one of those people.
Favorite Video: Healthy School Lunches
2. Niomi - niomismart
I watch many British youtubers including Marcus Butler, and his girlfriend, Niomi, has started a blog AND a youtube channel. Even though she's so new, I have loved every single one of her blog posts, and her videos are enjoyable to watch. I just love British youtubers.
Check out her blog! niomismart.com 
Favorite Video: My Morning Routine
1. Molly - missmollyanne14
I LOVE MOLLY. I just have to say if you're reading this, we should be best friends...haha. But besides the fact that her personality is to die for, her videos are some of my favorites. She does fashion, beauty, food, and just some lovely chatty videos that I am obsessed with.
Favorite Video: Everyday School Look: Hair, Makeup, and Outfit (it was really hard to just choose one!)
I absolutely loved doing another one of these posts because youtubers are a big inspiration for my blog. I hope you enjoyed this post and found some more videos to enjoy :) I'm definitely doing more posts like this because I don't just watch beauty/lifestyle videos - I love food, comedy, and short films. Stay tuned!

Have a lovely day,
Stephanie x

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What I Ate Today #3

Yes, it is true: the freshman 15 is REAL. I've always heard about it growing up, but now that I'm actually in college, I see how easy it is to eat unhealthily. It's a slippery slope from just ONE oreo to HALF the package. I'm hoping that doing these blog posts will help me stay on track, because in the past two weeks, I haven't been the best advocate for healthy eating...

Thankfully, the dining hall closest to my dorm is newly renovated and always has healthy options....and also some unhealthy options as well!

As usual, I woke up late for class because I'm a night owl, and most mornings I'll eat a small breakfast in my dorm room rather than walk to the dining hall. I mainly eat hearty breakfasts on the weekends.
9:50am - Nature Valley Fruit and Nut BarI always have a bunch of random granola bars lying around the room because they're great as a quick "breakfast" or late night snack when doing homework! 

Since my breakfast was pretty small, I have lunch right after my first class. This is usually my favorite meal of the day! What's funny is I've gotten used to eating by myself everyone's schedules are different. It's hard to meet up with friends when some people's classes are WAY across campus. It's sorta nice sitting at a quiet table sometimes, but for dinner I try to eat with other people so it's not so lonely.

11:30am - Grilled Chicken, pita, and salad
I absolutely LOVE salad, and usually I'll switch up the toppings every week. At the moment I'm loving peas and tomatoes.
3pm - Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt
These really fill me up and are nice to have in the dorm too!
Mhmm dinner. I usually eat dinner right after my last class depending on the day, or when I've been holed up in my room studying for hours and decide I need a break.

6:30pm -Sweet and Sour Pork, basmati rice, vegetable and tofu stir fry, and of course salad! (not shown: soft serve ice cream)
This was pretty good, especially the stir fry.
It is good and bad that my meal plan includes unlimited visits to the dining hall, but it's a good thing that I like salad haha! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sure I will be doing more.

Happy weekend!

Stephanie x

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dorm Room Tour!

There's really nothing like living away from home and going to classes that can have hundreds of people in them at a time...and so far college has its ups and downs. One post I was really excited to write was definitely about my dorm room, since I'll be living in this peachy 11' x 15' for the rest of the year! I have one roommate, Kendall, who I didn't meet until the first day of school, and we have become pretty good friends I'm glad to say.

Before moving in, I watched a couple of dorm room tour videos on Youtube to get a sense of how it would be. My bed already comes lofted about 5 feet high so a book shelf and desk that the school provides is underneath. I spend much of my time at my desk eating, studying, and of course, blogging. I did also dabble a bit on Pinterest for decorations, and in the end I only did one project that actually turned out really well!

Now that I think about it, you'll see my dorm room before my actual room at home...haha! In the pictures, this is about as clean as my dorm room will be, so you're seeing it in its natural state - I try to stay organized, but a lot of times I'm going in and out super fast to make it to class and the small room can become cluttered in minutes!

My roommates bed is to the left, and there's also some shelves underneath my bed to the left that aren't shown in the picture! In the right corner I keep the snacks and a file cabinet where I can lock valuables.

These are the shelves that I use as a makeshift vanity! Here I also store snacks in the red bin, and my book on the right.

Above my vanity, I hung up some pictures with some twine, and also a hook where I keep necklaces and my keys!

The school provides the dresser, and I have the three lower drawers. Our little kitchen consists of a fridge (that's always too cold), and a microwave,

Some of my favorite decorations are the A Walk To Remember movie poster, a command strip where I keep statement necklaces, and a homemade collage that I featured on my instagram!

Inside out fridge we usually keep fresh fruit, but when I took the picture we had already run out. Otherwise, the fridge is never really full!

The closet is where i store shoes, clothes, and towels. The hanging shelves are SO nice, and they were only $12 on sale  from kohls!

Hopefully my dorm room will stay this clean...but in the meantime, I can't wait to do more college themed posts!

Have a lovely day,
Stephanie x

Thursday, September 11, 2014

College Journal #1 - New Beginnings + I'm In Love..

Ahhh it has been WAY too long since my last blog post-I've been busy with the whole "college" thing, and sometimes it's still hard to believe that I'll never be back at high school again living at home.

Since I've moved in, I've been trying to adjust to two hour lectures, classes filled with hundreds of people, and seeing thousands of different people everyday. It's a whole new world even though where I go, I'm only an hour away from home.

I'm learning to love walks by myself.
Oddly enough only a week after I moved in, my cousin called me and asked if I wanted to go to the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer concert in Chicago. If you read my last post,  you know I was able to attend a couple months ago, and I couldn't have asked for anything better. It was very last minute, but it was nice to be home for the weekend, and to see some of my FAVORITE musicians again. I hate to admit it, but it has to be one of the best nights of my life...oops. I REALLY love them. Oh, and go check out my amazing cousin with her handmade jewelry company as well - her pieces are gorgeous!

-All pictures from the concert were videos that I took screenshots of, and then edited on vsco! It was quite a process...

Honestly, when I think about my college, I think about just how BIG it really is. One thing that I do miss is how close all of my classes were in high school. I actually can't stress that enough because four days a week I have a class that's one mile away...that means I walk one mile there and one mile back - it takes even longer when it rains, and I don't even want to think about what's going to happen in the winter! The upside is that I know I'm getting in much more cardio than usual to burn off all of that dining hall ice cream.

Speaking of exercise, I haven't been able to play tennis in weeks, but I just signed up to be in a tournament with my brother!! I am so excited to play again because it really reminds me of home. Basically the only exercise I've been doing is running through campus because it's filled with so many little roads, sidewalks, and trails that makes it so enjoyable. It's definitely a new thing for me because I'm so used to running on a treadmill indoors, but I really love using the Nike running app. I really want to get back into doing strength exercises because I like variety, and I can feel myself becoming weaker and less able to do core exercises or anything with the upper body.

I hope you enjoyed this little update in my life, and I'm glad this is a place where I can really post about whatever is on my mind at the moment. For those of you in school, I hope everything is going well so far - happy studies! (If that's possible)

Stephanie x

-All photos were taken on my trusty iPhone 5c :)