Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dorm Room Tour!

There's really nothing like living away from home and going to classes that can have hundreds of people in them at a time...and so far college has its ups and downs. One post I was really excited to write was definitely about my dorm room, since I'll be living in this peachy 11' x 15' for the rest of the year! I have one roommate, Kendall, who I didn't meet until the first day of school, and we have become pretty good friends I'm glad to say.

Before moving in, I watched a couple of dorm room tour videos on Youtube to get a sense of how it would be. My bed already comes lofted about 5 feet high so a book shelf and desk that the school provides is underneath. I spend much of my time at my desk eating, studying, and of course, blogging. I did also dabble a bit on Pinterest for decorations, and in the end I only did one project that actually turned out really well!

Now that I think about it, you'll see my dorm room before my actual room at home...haha! In the pictures, this is about as clean as my dorm room will be, so you're seeing it in its natural state - I try to stay organized, but a lot of times I'm going in and out super fast to make it to class and the small room can become cluttered in minutes!

My roommates bed is to the left, and there's also some shelves underneath my bed to the left that aren't shown in the picture! In the right corner I keep the snacks and a file cabinet where I can lock valuables.

These are the shelves that I use as a makeshift vanity! Here I also store snacks in the red bin, and my book on the right.

Above my vanity, I hung up some pictures with some twine, and also a hook where I keep necklaces and my keys!

The school provides the dresser, and I have the three lower drawers. Our little kitchen consists of a fridge (that's always too cold), and a microwave,

Some of my favorite decorations are the A Walk To Remember movie poster, a command strip where I keep statement necklaces, and a homemade collage that I featured on my instagram!

Inside out fridge we usually keep fresh fruit, but when I took the picture we had already run out. Otherwise, the fridge is never really full!

The closet is where i store shoes, clothes, and towels. The hanging shelves are SO nice, and they were only $12 on sale  from kohls!

Hopefully my dorm room will stay this clean...but in the meantime, I can't wait to do more college themed posts!

Have a lovely day,
Stephanie x


  1. Your dorm room looks so cute, and I am in love with your bedding!


    1. Thanks so much! The bedding was on sale at macy's hehe

      Stephanie x

  2. What dorm do you live in? My husband lived in Butterfield and Landon.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. No way! I'm dming you on twitter right now :)

      -Stephanie x

  3. Do you have a mac? I'm thinking about getting one and I want opinions on them! I LOVE your dorm.

    1. Oh thank you!! It definitely took some time to organize everything in the room haha.

      Yeah, I just got the macbook air right before school started! I was REALLY surprised at how much I love it because it's pretty expensive. It's definitely an investment, but I was impressed by its battery life, how light weight it is, and speed.

      Hope that helped!
      Stephanie x