Saturday, September 20, 2014

What I Ate Today #3

Yes, it is true: the freshman 15 is REAL. I've always heard about it growing up, but now that I'm actually in college, I see how easy it is to eat unhealthily. It's a slippery slope from just ONE oreo to HALF the package. I'm hoping that doing these blog posts will help me stay on track, because in the past two weeks, I haven't been the best advocate for healthy eating...

Thankfully, the dining hall closest to my dorm is newly renovated and always has healthy options....and also some unhealthy options as well!

As usual, I woke up late for class because I'm a night owl, and most mornings I'll eat a small breakfast in my dorm room rather than walk to the dining hall. I mainly eat hearty breakfasts on the weekends.
9:50am - Nature Valley Fruit and Nut BarI always have a bunch of random granola bars lying around the room because they're great as a quick "breakfast" or late night snack when doing homework! 

Since my breakfast was pretty small, I have lunch right after my first class. This is usually my favorite meal of the day! What's funny is I've gotten used to eating by myself everyone's schedules are different. It's hard to meet up with friends when some people's classes are WAY across campus. It's sorta nice sitting at a quiet table sometimes, but for dinner I try to eat with other people so it's not so lonely.

11:30am - Grilled Chicken, pita, and salad
I absolutely LOVE salad, and usually I'll switch up the toppings every week. At the moment I'm loving peas and tomatoes.
3pm - Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt
These really fill me up and are nice to have in the dorm too!
Mhmm dinner. I usually eat dinner right after my last class depending on the day, or when I've been holed up in my room studying for hours and decide I need a break.

6:30pm -Sweet and Sour Pork, basmati rice, vegetable and tofu stir fry, and of course salad! (not shown: soft serve ice cream)
This was pretty good, especially the stir fry.
It is good and bad that my meal plan includes unlimited visits to the dining hall, but it's a good thing that I like salad haha! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sure I will be doing more.

Happy weekend!

Stephanie x

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  1. Love the idea of this post! I need to keep an eye of what I'm putting into my body, it gets hard with studies and work and late nights! I started making a meal plan for this week to try and fix the unhealthiness - fingers crossed we both manage it haha!

    Jodie.xo || www.lefthandwhimsy.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Jodie! That's a good idea to make a meal plan, I'll have to try it soon :) good luck!