Monday, October 27, 2014

College Journal #2 - Meeting New People!

I can't believe so much has happened since my last journal, and I'm glad to say that it's starting to feel like home in my cozy dorm room. In my 5 Hopes and Fears for College post, I talked about things that I didn't really know what to expect. I thought I'd do a little update on those five topics!
1. Roommates: I had never met my roommate until the day I moved in, so obviously I was worried because I had absolutely no idea what she was like. Thankfully, Kendall has turned out to become a pretty great friend, and we get along well. I think it's because she understand my love for early 2000's music and boys..I'm not entirely sure. :)

My first football game-we won :)
2. Getting Lost: My school is pretty big, and takes over half an hour to walk across the whole campus. During the first week of school I used an online map on my phone to navigate around which was REALLY helpful! Once I found a path for my classes, the campus didn't seem so big after all. I still have much to explore, but at the moment the only places I need to go to are the dining hall and my classes!
The one mile walk back from class isn't so bad with views like these!
3. Friends: I was especially nervous about meeting new people because it's not like the first day of school where you already know most the students - it's a time where you have to put yourself out there and meet completely new people. There was a free bowling event during the first week of school, and Kendall and I met some other girls who live in out building. We ended up becoming really good friends, and if we didn't go to that event which was last minute, I'd never would have met so many amazing people!
Also, if there are any retreats, I definitely recommend going with people in a club or your class to meet a ton of new people! That's where I got all of these wonderful fall pictures - it was SO pretty in northern Michigan.
Canoeing with my new friend Anna - I learned I'm not the best...
4. Classes: I'd say 75% of the reason for college is a good education. I should've thought about this earlier, but I signed up for some tough classes for it being my first semester. I wish I would've taken these classes next semester, but now all I have to do is study and keep up with my work at all times. It took awhile to adjust to the professors and work load, but it's not so bad after all!
Calendars are my BEST friend.
5. Parties: This is an interesting topic because I never went out much during high school. What people should know is that even though I go to a "party" school, it's really only a party scene if you make it that way. They're pretty fun sometimes when you're with friends, but other nights I like to cuddle with One Tree Hill. (Naley, anyone?)
It's nice after a long day of classes to wind down with my favorite couple. 
Pretty much, college has been so much fun so far. There are some great days, and of course some bad days, but there's always another day to look forward to with new people, places, and things. 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

NOTD: OPI Berlin There Done That + Avon Mystic

Yet again I am wearing the same nail polish for two weeks straight, and I'm still not tired of it! From my last post on my favorite fall polishes, I mentioned OPI's Berlin There Done That, and I can't get over the beautiful taupe color. After a week of wearing it by itself, I decided this week I still wanted to keep the same color, but add a bit of sparkle to make it more fun. I've seen many posts on pinterest about using scotch tape for nail art, but I decided to just go free hand for fun!

This is sort of weird, but my hands are actually something I'm self conscious about. To me they look wrinkly, and I'm not a fan of my dry cuticles (I'm currently trying out avocado oil, but a review will be up later). Let me know if you have any tips!

Hope you enjoyed this short, but fun little blog post! I'm trying to get better at nail art, but it's fun to just experiment :) What are some of your favorite ways to spruce up your nail polish?

Lots of love,
Stephanie x

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Day In The City

One of my absolute favorite things about living in Michigan is Artprize, where artists from around the world showcase their work throughout the city. It's always during the Fall, and I just love the atmosphere and walking around with friends and family. I would definitely recommend going to Artprize, because it's perfect for anyone of any ages! Anyone over the age of 16 can vote for their favorite piece, and hundreds of thousands of dollars are awarded. I am glad I came home from school for the weekend because it was such a lovely day.

I absolutely loved how this statue was swinging and moving around.
My mom's personal favorite with pie tarts and bundt pans - too cute.
His talent on the piano was just wonderful.
"Edgar Allan Pope" (my personal favorite, haha)
The food during Artprize is ALWAYS delicious. 
I already can't wait until next year! Even though I was downtown for five hours, I still didn't see everything. One thing I did miss was the winning piece which my brother said was AMAZING. It's made with laser cut wood with a single lightbulb.
Going to Artptize makes me appreciate art so much more every time I go. What's your favorite type of art?

All the best,
Stephanie x

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Music Tag

I am in a pretty serious relationship with music, and after I saw Lindsey's video, I knew I just had to do this tag!

1.Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
Easily Ed Sheeran. His songs make me feel some type of way...

2. What were the last songs you listened to?

3. What's in your CD player right now?
I don’t have a CD player at college with me right now, but in my car at home I currently have the 5 Seconds of Summer album! It's actually a big deal if I buy a physical CD instead of just downloading songs online.

4. What was the last show you attended?
A month ago I attended the 1D/5SOS show and talked all about it here!

5. What was the greatest show you've ever been to?
This is also really hard, but I hope it’s not cheating if I say two: the Ed Sheeran concert January of 2013, and the 1D/5SOS concert a month ago because I was so close. Ed is amazing live, and I spent most of the show with my eyes closed taking it all in.
6. What's the worst show you've ever been to?
I’d have to say compared to every show I’ve seen, the Demi Lovato concert last March. She was really great live and it was a good show, but it wasn’t amazing.

7. What's the most musically involved you have ever been?
I took piano lessons from Kindergarten up to middle school from 6th to 12th grade, I played the cello in my school orchestra, and on and off since 8th grade, I’ve been trying to teach myself the guitar! I'm not amazing, but it's so much fun to play.
8. What show are you looking forward to?
I’m hoping to see Barcelona and TEAM* on November 3rd - I'm CAN'T WAIT. 

10. What is your favorite band shirt?
I have a red Ed Sheeran t shirt that I am obsessed with.

11. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
Ahh I'd have to say 5SOS because they all seem hilarious!

12. One musician or group you wish would make a comeback?
Just one? I'd have to say Switchfoot. They have some amazing music, and I would love for them to become more well known again so everyone can hear their songs.

13. One band/artist you've never seen live but always wanted to?
The Fray. That would be wonderful.

14. Name four or more flawless albums.
5 Seconds of Summer’s self titled album, AM - Arctic Monkeys, + - Ed Sheeran, and Barcelona - Absolutes!

15. How many music related videos/DVDs do you own?
I don't own any DVD's, but I have a couple free music videos from iTunes..I usually watch music videos on youtube. :)

16. How many concerts/shows have you been to, total?
If I counted correctly, thirteen shows. I think concerts are DEFINITELY worth the money if you buy them at the right price.

17. Who have you seen the most live?
I’ve seen 1D and 5SOS three times - they always put on a good show!

18. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
Movie: Into the Wild or The Fault in Our Stars
I just have to include television because I discover so many artists from tv shows as well.
TV: The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill (I'm obsessed)
19. What was your last musical "phase" before you wisened up?
I would say from 5th grade to 8th grade I really like Nevershoutnever and Three Days Grace. Looking back now, their music was good, but I definitely have changed my preference compared to now...

20. What's your "guilty pleasure" that you hate to admit to liking?
I’m not ashamed of any music I listen to haha. And yes, boy bands are pretty cool.

I absolutely loved writing this post since music is such a big part of my life. Who are some of your favorite artists? I'd love to know some new musicians to check out! I tag anyone who wants to do this too!!

See you soon,
Stephanie x

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Link-up - Styling A Fall Scarf

I was so excited when Jamie, The Fashion Newcomer, invited me to participate in the Fall Link-Up! As you know, it is my favorite season, and what better way to celebrate than with a whole post dedicated to Fall?! This is my first link-up ever, and I love the idea of discovering new blogs. Anyone can participate!

The theme for this link-up is how to style a scarf for fall, and I love this accessory for this time of year!

I bought this scarf awhile ago during a school trip to NYC, and I remember bartered for this in a random shop in china town knowing I just had to get it. I'm so glad I did because it's so soft, versatile, and best of all, warm.

top: sonoma (similar)
leggings: DKNY (similar)
sweater: aero-bethany mota (not available online, but I just bought this instores; similar)
scarf: local NYC shop (similar)
boots: zigi soho (exact)
rings: turquoise - local; (similar) thin gold rings -H&M (exact)
bag: fossil

Now for a couple of my favorite fall things..
My Favorite Fall Trend - Dark Lips
I think deep colored lips are stunning. Even though I don't wear lip products that often, tinted lips are great for on the go!

laura mercier - scarlett passion
 My Favorite Fall Starbucks Drink - Salted Caramel Mocha
Honestly, I don't go to Starbucks all that often, but salted caramel is one of my favorite flavors in anything. From ice cream to a warm drink, the sweet and salty combination is a good balance.

My Go-To Boots - Combat Boots
I was pretty stuck on whether I liked riding boots or combat boots more, but I wear my combat boots all the time. I love wearing them with skinny jeans or leggings and a comfy sweater. They're a little more edgier, and taller boots make me look much shorter.

Favorite Fall Activity - Eating Fall Foods
One of my favorite holidays is during fall - Thanksgiving! It's such a great time for food to bring together to many people, and it's so much fun to eat amazing homemade food. My favorites are sweet potatoes and stuffing! I also can't forget that fall is a time to go apple picking and spend a day with great company drinking warm cider and eating freshly made cinnamon donuts. I just love it so much.
Check out these super healthy apple ring pancakes!
I hope you enjoyed this fall themed post because it made me SO excited for Thanksgiving! Don't forget to check out Carrie and Laura as they are participating in the link-up too! 

All the best,

Stephanie x

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Polish Picks

It is finally my favorite season of the year: fall! I can't get enough of the perfectly chilly weather, donuts, and the best part-breaking out the fall nail polishes. I recently went home for the weekend, and returned to my dorm room with six polishes that always remind me of this time of year. I have been wearing these for such a long time, and I will always go back to them!

1. Avon-Mystic; This is a gorgeous shimmering bronze color that is gorgeous. I love wearing gold rings with color and a large, comfy sweater. Dupe: Dust of Bronze - Maybelline

2. Opi-Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees; I'd say this is a very interesting dark grey color because up close, you can see a little shimmer in the bottle, but on the nail it is very subtle. This take a couple more coats to become opaque, but it has a very long wearing time!

3. China Glaze - Midnight Mission; If it's not obvious already, I love shimmery nail polishes. This is a dark blue with silver shimmers, and is very easy to apply.

4. Sally Hansen - Thinking of Blue; When I take a break from all those pretty shimmery colors, I like using a creamy formula like this. The brush is very thick and large, and this is the perfect royal blue. Dupe: Showtime - Revlon Gel Envy

5. Viridian - Illamasqua; I can't get over this dark green/blue color because it lasts so long, and is a dream to put on. Illamasqua is definitely a splurge, so I bought this on sale at sephora to save some money!

6. Opi -Berlin There Done That; Is it possible to be in love with a nail polish? This color is perfect year round, but especially during the fall, it reminds me of my favorite cozy sweater. This creamy formula is a sophisticated but still nice color to wear!

What are some of your must have fall nail polishes?

See you soon,