Monday, October 20, 2014

A Day In The City

One of my absolute favorite things about living in Michigan is Artprize, where artists from around the world showcase their work throughout the city. It's always during the Fall, and I just love the atmosphere and walking around with friends and family. I would definitely recommend going to Artprize, because it's perfect for anyone of any ages! Anyone over the age of 16 can vote for their favorite piece, and hundreds of thousands of dollars are awarded. I am glad I came home from school for the weekend because it was such a lovely day.

I absolutely loved how this statue was swinging and moving around.
My mom's personal favorite with pie tarts and bundt pans - too cute.
His talent on the piano was just wonderful.
"Edgar Allan Pope" (my personal favorite, haha)
The food during Artprize is ALWAYS delicious. 
I already can't wait until next year! Even though I was downtown for five hours, I still didn't see everything. One thing I did miss was the winning piece which my brother said was AMAZING. It's made with laser cut wood with a single lightbulb.
Going to Artptize makes me appreciate art so much more every time I go. What's your favorite type of art?

All the best,
Stephanie x

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