Monday, October 27, 2014

College Journal #2 - Meeting New People!

I can't believe so much has happened since my last journal, and I'm glad to say that it's starting to feel like home in my cozy dorm room. In my 5 Hopes and Fears for College post, I talked about things that I didn't really know what to expect. I thought I'd do a little update on those five topics!
1. Roommates: I had never met my roommate until the day I moved in, so obviously I was worried because I had absolutely no idea what she was like. Thankfully, Kendall has turned out to become a pretty great friend, and we get along well. I think it's because she understand my love for early 2000's music and boys..I'm not entirely sure. :)

My first football game-we won :)
2. Getting Lost: My school is pretty big, and takes over half an hour to walk across the whole campus. During the first week of school I used an online map on my phone to navigate around which was REALLY helpful! Once I found a path for my classes, the campus didn't seem so big after all. I still have much to explore, but at the moment the only places I need to go to are the dining hall and my classes!
The one mile walk back from class isn't so bad with views like these!
3. Friends: I was especially nervous about meeting new people because it's not like the first day of school where you already know most the students - it's a time where you have to put yourself out there and meet completely new people. There was a free bowling event during the first week of school, and Kendall and I met some other girls who live in out building. We ended up becoming really good friends, and if we didn't go to that event which was last minute, I'd never would have met so many amazing people!
Also, if there are any retreats, I definitely recommend going with people in a club or your class to meet a ton of new people! That's where I got all of these wonderful fall pictures - it was SO pretty in northern Michigan.
Canoeing with my new friend Anna - I learned I'm not the best...
4. Classes: I'd say 75% of the reason for college is a good education. I should've thought about this earlier, but I signed up for some tough classes for it being my first semester. I wish I would've taken these classes next semester, but now all I have to do is study and keep up with my work at all times. It took awhile to adjust to the professors and work load, but it's not so bad after all!
Calendars are my BEST friend.
5. Parties: This is an interesting topic because I never went out much during high school. What people should know is that even though I go to a "party" school, it's really only a party scene if you make it that way. They're pretty fun sometimes when you're with friends, but other nights I like to cuddle with One Tree Hill. (Naley, anyone?)
It's nice after a long day of classes to wind down with my favorite couple. 
Pretty much, college has been so much fun so far. There are some great days, and of course some bad days, but there's always another day to look forward to with new people, places, and things. 



  1. Oh my gosh, Naley all the way! :) I would MUCH rather have a One Tree Hill night than go partying. Great post!


    1. haha you get me! Thanks Katie!

      Stephanie :) x