Wednesday, November 12, 2014

9 Study Break Ideas!

Now that finals are coming up, the stress can totally put me into a bad mood. So with hours of studying ahead, I think it's important to take breaks to split up the process and make it as enjoyable as studying can be. Here are some quick study break ideas to keep you (mostly) sane!

Oh  and make sure your breaks aren't too long and you get completely off track. It's a slippery slope so set an alarm and focus on what's really important - doing well on finals!

1. Get up and dance around to your favorite upbeat song! I definitely recommend Luv, Hold Me Down by The Drowners or Good Girls by 5 Seconds of Summer.

2. Eat a healthy snack to make your tummy happy. Some of my favorites include:
           -banana/apple with peanut butter
           -granola + greek yogurt
           -trail mix: almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips
           -carrots/cucumbers + hummus
           -light popcorn

3. Do a couple of yoga poses - I love Warrior, Child's Pose, and Down Dog.

4. Limit yourself to ONE youtube video as a break.

5. Stay hydrated and spice up normal water with fresh fruit or mint.

6. Go outside for some fresh air- I know my dorm room can get pretttty stuffy sometimes.

7. Call your folks or a friend and catch up.

8. Read your favorite blog - mine at the moment is Wanderdust by Rebeccas Jacobs!

9. Make a list of all the fun things you can after your exam is over:)

Even if you're not in college or school, this can definitely apply to whenever there's TONS of work to do. I hope this has helped, and let me know your ideas of little breaks you do while studying!



  1. Great break ideas!! A light snack sounds delicious, and fresh air sounds like something truly needed knowing the usual study schedule. Although, checking out blogs and you tube videos is bound to get me distracted.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yeah, I have to be realllly careful in what blogs I read and setting a time limit on youtube. It's all just so tempting! Thanks, M! :)

      Stephanie x

  2. These are all fabulous ideas! I'm always looking for something to do when I need a quick break (that doesn't involve getting sucked into the blackhole of Youtube, haha).


    1. Thank you, Marissa! hahaha I definitely agree on calling it a blackhole!

      Stephanie x