Sunday, November 23, 2014

Etsy Inspiration + DIY

It's almost my favorite time of year - the holiday season! With thinking about buying gifts for others, I've been on many online shopping expeditions (aka me adding things to my cart without buying anything), and that includes one of my favorite sites, Etsy.

All of the items I'll be mentioning have been in my "favorites" for SO long, and I thought it'd be awesome to have alternative DIY projects that are similar.

Little Gems

Who doesn't like an accessory to add a little extra to your outfit? I love dainty pieces, and it's even better when a piece of jewelry means something special too. 

Heart Ring: $9.75  //  DIY: tutorial
500 Days Of Summer Necklace $11  //  DIY: put any picture into a bezel!
Moon Earrings $10  //  DIY: galaxy necklace

Keep Cozy

I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some inspiration! I'm definitely going to be posting a gift guide for all of the males in your life as well, because I find they're harder to shop for!

All the Best,


  1. I love that heart ring, so cute! Will have to check out the tutorial :)

    1. me too! Hopefully it's not too hard :)

      Stephanie x