Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

My roommate Kendall DIYed this awesome catwomen costume!
I hope everyone had a lovely halloween last night! Halloween night I was a zombie where I just put fake blood on an old white shirt, ripped up my tights, and used a ton of grey eyeshadow for my makeup. I'm going to another halloween party tonight, but instead of being a zombie, I'm going to be a robber - you've got to love those diy costumes! During this time of year, I always like to watch a creepy movie, and this year I saw Gone Girl. OH MY. If you've seen or heard about the movie it has had tons of hype, and now I know it is for good reason. It is such a dark, thrilling movie, but a guilty pleasure as well. I absolutely LOVED it.

What are some of your favorite scary movies and what were you for halloween this year? Stay safe if you're going out tonight! x

Love always,


  1. you and your roommate looked great!


  2. you both look cute~ ^_^ Gone girl.. I should watch that .... hmm... *cuddling in my bed castle*

    1. thank you!! Yeah I definitely recommend it if you love suspense and thrillers!