Sunday, December 7, 2014

8 Things To Do When You Turn 18

A couple weeks ago I finally turned 18! I didn't do anything extravagant - I just went out for sushi with my family and ate cake, and then went to Chili's with some friends! I feel like I've been 18 already because I'm not living at home anymore. It's nice to catch up in age to everyone else :)

Here are some things can I'm able to do now that I'm 18..

1. Buy a lottery ticket
2. Get piercings/tattoos
3. Legally drink in three provinces of Canada (the closest place to Michigan haha)
4. Buy cigarettes
5. Change my name
6. Vote!!
7. Get married
8. Go to some clubs/hookah lounges 

I think the only ones I'll do are get a another ear piercing, and register to vote (being such a rebellious teen).

I just want to thank everyone who's visited my blog, because that alone is a birthday present (sorry so cheesy). And of course, if any family/friends are reading this, you are all the cat's pajamas and I can't thank you enough. 
[now for more food pictures]

Whenever I eat sushi I'll order it off the menu if it sounds good, but by the time it comes to the table, I don't even remember what's inside! It's like a little surprise. As for the dessert, they were kind enough to give to me for free, and it was two rich chocolate truffles with some berries and a waffle crisp. Yum.

Have a lovely rest of the day! I'll be studying for my first final tomorrow (bleh).

Stephanie xo


  1. Happy belated 18th birthday!! That sushi looks amazing and so does that delicious looking dessert. Haha I don't think I'll do anything really rebellious (even though it's legal) when I'm 18 either.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thanks, M! Yeah haha I don't think i'm ready to get married or change my name either.

  2. That sushi looks amazing!! Hope your finals week is off to a good start! (as good as it can go!)

  3. Hehe, such a silly post! Happy belated birthday! :)