Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sephora Goodies

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! It's crazy to me that I only have one more day of blogmas...the twelve days have really flew by. Today, I finally finished all of my holiday shopping (better late than never) and I couldn't resist going to Sephora. I haven't purchased anything from there in ages, and I thought I'd treat myself to a couple of items. 

I totally forgot to get the free Makeup Forever birthday gift last month so I finally got it today! It comes with a mini mascara and lipstick I'm excited to try out. Then, I purchased a dark plum Sephora lip liner in Plum because I just LOVE the look of dark vampy lips - plus it's waterproof! And since I'm planning on wear a darker lip, I definitely needed a new lip balm. I've gone through multiple Rosebud Salves and this is probably my favorite lip moisturizer of all time. Lastly, I got the First Aid Cleanser for free for 100 beauty insider points since I've heard too many great things about it. I've been looking for gentle, fragrance free skincare products and there are many benefits to this.

In the new year I plan on going on a "no buy", which means I won't be buying any new products for awhile. Thankfully two of these products were free! What's your favorite dark lip color?

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