Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 Products I Want To Use Up

I thought the perfect post for the beginning of the year would be one of two annual projects that I'm hoping to complete. I've never been good at resolutions, but this first task shouldn't be too bad. Since the 6th grade when I received my first eyeshadow as a birthday gift from a friend, I have been slowly but surely collecting products. Most of these things are gifts, or bought on sale. I'm such a sucker for sales.
I've seen many other people do Project 10 Pan, where you chose ten products to use up completely before buying any new ones. This will be good because I'll be saving money while decluttering my room at the same time. I just hate the feeling of wasting money on things I don't finish, and this is perfect for that! (Oh and my mom has been bothering me about it for AGES)
Here are 10 products that have been in my collection for way too long:

1. Coconut Passionfruit BB&W Lotion / I've had this forever, and it's probably past its due date...
2. Avon Eye Makeup Remover Lotion / Eh this is an okay product. I have two of these that I bought for a $1, so I definitely need to get rid of one of them.
3. John Frieda Secret Weapon Smoothing Cream / I never really like to spend a lot of time getting ready, and even though I like this, I'm usually too lazy to use it after blowdrying my hair.
4. The Body Show Almond Nail and Hand Cream / This smells weirdly good for an almond scent, and I always seem to forget to put lotion on.

5. Two Faced Shadow Insurance / You don't want to know how long I've had this.
6. Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion / I find it does an okay job of keeping my face makeup on longer, but it does nothing amazing.
7. Lancome Eyeshadow - Up Till Dawn / I'm absolutely in love with the color, but I still have it since I left at home when I left for college and haven't touched it since.
8. MAC Cream Blush - Ladyblush / This was my first MAC purchase ever, but I find cream blush takes longer to apply early in the morning.
9. Clinique All About the Eyes Concealer / I don't think I'll ever find something that'll cover these glorious eye bags, but I guess this helps..sorta
10. Clinique Lipstick - Black Honey / I'm not a huge lip product person, so I will be forcing myself to use this since I really like it!

I'll be (hopefully) updating when I finish almost all of these products, and will be adding more into the mix!