Friday, January 30, 2015

Why I'm Afraid To Make Money Blogging

There's just something about blogging that I love so much - taking pictures, editing, writing, and being creative. It's fun to talk about whatever the hell I want, and to talk to others who enjoy the same hobbies as well! Gah I just love meeting new people. 

I see so many youtubers +bloggers doing sponsored posts or having advertisements on their page, and I actually applaud them. It must be difficult to stay grounded when it's easy to get sucked into all of the freebies. Now I see that's why my favorite bloggers or youtubers are the ones that let their honest opinion shine through, and they genuinely care about their content. It's very refreshing to see people blog or make youtube videos because they want to, and not because it's a job.

Of course, for many people this is their job, and that's completely fine - like I said, school isn't cheap, and bills need to be paid  (and copious amounts of dark chocolate). It's all about keeping integrity and being yourself, I think that is the most important. And that my friends, is what I am afraid of ---- blogging because I have to since this company sent me this product, because I want more page views, etc. 

Maybe I will have an ad in my sidebar I'll do some sponsored posts in the future, but I want to have the same mindset I did junior year of high school. I'm not going to lie - 75% of the reason why I created Petite Pastels was entirely for myself and for fun! I might the only one who feels this way but let me know if you do too.

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    1. glad I'm not the only one who feels this way too! x

  2. Great post Stephanie, and I agree with you that I think for some bloggers it's easy to get sucked into doing advetorials and sponsored posts. Definitely important to think about why we started blogging in the first place, very insightful post!

    P.S. I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog!
    xoxo Nicole


  3. I definitely feel this way! I mean, I don't even review anything so I don't know why I would ever advertise a product. For me, I reckon blogging is separate from working. This is a diary, and a part time job or something that has shifts where you earn money is working. I feel like even ads would just irritate the perfectly pristine sidebar of your blog. It's good that you're blogging for you, and if you want to earn money that's fine, but still make it about you.

    The Life of Little Me

  4. I just recently found your blog! And felt drawn and relatable to this very post. I agree entirely-- it felt like a mirror reflection in terms of response to my recent blog crush interview here! (Optional to check out: http://www.thedramaqueenconfesses.com/2015/02/blog-crush-pinch-of-chic-by-cynthia_2.html?spref=tw"

    But I entirely understand how making your personal platform as a job can be daunting and remaining authentic as possible. For now mine is still considered a hobby-- yet I take the content I upload very seriously each time I post. I think that looking at your blog as a hobby is a healthy way and escape from reality/ 9-5 job. x


    1. Thank you for your input! I'll definitely check your post out.

  5. I totally feel this way stephanie! I don't have any problems with bloggers/vloggers making money because at the end of the day they did work for it - but it's when they start to lose their voice, that's when it bothers me! I've never earned any money from blogging (I have ads but have yet to earn anything from them! I installed them more for the look, is that weird? haha!) but I hope that if I ever do, I'm always honest. This was a great post! x x

  6. Exactly - when someone loses their voice all of their originality is gone! Haha no I understand, I am thinking of installing them as well :)