Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How To: Stay Motivated For Finals

Can you believe that there's only SIX weeks of school left? I'm not sure whether I'm excited, scared, or happy that it's almost summer. And I definitely know that I only have these six weeks to get my grades up. Whenever I start to think about watching youtube or napping instead of studying, the intro to "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from comes to mind because it's my JAM. So here are a couple of ways to stay motivated and do the absolute best you can on those finals - and doing your best is what matters.
1. Use your planner
I absolutely have no idea what I'd do without my planner. It has a monthly and weekly schedule so I can see the big picture, or things I need to complete daily. I always have it on me incase any appointments/meetings come up, and it's practically my best friend. Go for a cute one to make it even more fun, and they are especially cheap at Target.

2. List, lists, and more lists
I find when I have things to do in every class and extra curricular activities, I will waste my time having anxiety on what to work on first. So, making lists helps organize all the stress in my head on which has to be done first. I place my lists on sticky notes my computer so I know for sure that I will see it.

3. Think about the long run
I saw it was Lance Armstrong who said this (not my favorite person), but "pain is temporary". It's a bit melodramatic talking about pain and schoolwork, but think about how worth it it is and what it means to you! Think of the satisfaction from all of that hard work and ask these questions: Why are you studying? What's the point? How much money does this class cost? (too much I'm guessing)

4. Look at job positions
I'm not sure if anyone else does this, but I LOVE looking at job openings online that I hope to have in the future. It just makes me that more motivated about working hard to meet my personal goals. Just dreaming about whatever it is you're passionate about is a sure way to add some motivation for that calc exam.

5. Add some color
For me, the "fun" part of studying is using gel pens and stationary. I love writing with a smooth pen, and making my notes easier to read by using pastel colors. If you are someone who likes to type out your notes instead, change the fonts and color of the text to make it more appealing!

I'm definitely no saint when it comes to not procrastinating, but these tools are my favorite for keeping in check. Of course, what's the biggest motivation to finishing finals in May? SUMMER. So keep trekking on and study hard.


  1. disqus_NFOCycF4NcMarch 25, 2015 at 1:07 AM

    It's three weeks til the end of term one for me!! But the assessments are still rolling in until the end :( These sound like such good tips though and I'll definitely be writing lists and staring at my planner. Haha I could just hear "I'll Make a Man Out of You" in my head while reading this whole post.

    The Life of Little

  2. good luck on all of your assessments!

  3. I am currently revising for finals (well, now I am procrastinating...) and what you said about using a planner and making lists could not be truer!!! My planner is my life! xx


  4. Thanks! And yes - NO idea what I'd do without my planner!