Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5 Things I'll Miss About College

I cannot believe that I'll be moving out of my dorm room in less than TWO weeks! I feel like I just moved in yesterday, and I'm definitely not prepared for finals yet...Even though I'll be happy to be home and have a shower with decent water pressure, there will some things that I'll miss about living on campus.

1. The Community: Being surrounded by people 24/7 is a lot better than you think. Even for an introvert like me, one quick text of "hey, wanna get lunch?" is so fast and easy to hang out with someone. Compared to high school, friendships in college happen so much faster because you can hang out all. the. time.

2. Easy Access To Food: GAH. I will surely miss this. Although dining hall food has begun to become old, when I go home even getting out cereal and milk takes more effort than at school. I'll have to re-teach myself how to cook meals and not to be lazy when it comes to eating! 

3. Clean-ish Bathrooms: I have community bathrooms which I share with everyone in my hall - and although it's not the cleanest and the water is filled with so much iron-y metal, I don't have to keep it clean. When I go home, I have to clean the mirrors, bathtub, and....toilet.

4. Endless Things To Do: There's always something to do in college. Whether it's free events or just watching a movie with a friend, it's rare that I'm bored. I know living at home can be so boring after awhile, and I'll miss all of the hustle and bustle.

5. New Friends: This is by far what I'll miss the most. I've met some pretty great people this year, and it'll be sad to leave as some are moving to apartments and different areas. Even though some of my friends don't live too far from me back at home, it just won't be the same. I'll miss their encouragement and laughs SO much. You know who you are!

With the end of my freshman year already coming to a close, college goes by so much faster than high school. And that just means I'm enjoying it more!


  1. I'm starting college this year and I'm looking forward to it so much, and you've just about heightened my excitement 3891 folds with this post. Aww, missing things just means that you enjoyed them immensely. You'll be returning, though not soon, so a little absence will definitely make the next year much more fun! Congrats on finishing your freshman year!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  2. I can't believe this school year is already coming to a close! As usual it flew by! Things are always so different going home for the summer after living away from home over the school year, but it is nice to spend a lot more quality time with family!

  3. Yes, it will definitely be weird to be at home some much, and I know, it REALLY flew by!

  4. ahh that's so exciting! Thanks, May!

  5. Well, Granddaughter if you get really bored you can always come over and rock a baby!! I,d love to see you!!

  6. I completely agree with #1 and #4. It's weird to come home and not have people on your doorstep, in your room, or across the hall anytime you want! And life seems to be so much slower too at home... a much needed break is good though!