Friday, June 5, 2015

Habits I Want (need) To Form This Summer

I always think the summer is the best time to form good habits. Even though the New Year is all about "resolutions", it's so much easier at home, when there are less distractions (aka school). I can just focus on myself, and here are a couple of things that I hope to improve on. I've read studies say it takes 21 says for a habit to form, and I hope these become incorporated into my everyday life!

-Exercise Three Times A Week
With school and work, I definitely don't want to forget about my physical and mental health. I've grown to love exercising much more than I did last year, especially since I'm not in high school playing tennis all the time. I had to find other ways to exercise that I still enjoyed, and that took forever. My favorite things are strength training with dumbbells, and finishing up with cardio -sprints  or cycling! Those never get boring, and it's a great way to clear you mind while jamming out to George Ezra. 
-Catch Up With Friends
After a year in college, I've lost contact with a couple of friends through distance and time. It's always noticeable when you hang out with a friend for the first time in months, and it's like nothing has changed. That's when you know your relationship is strong. Friends are so important, and your friends need you too!
-Read My Bible 
I can't explain it, but even just reading a couple of verses always brings peace, wisdom, clarity, and most of all, love. I want to have a closer relationship with God, and reading His word is so important. Just waking up ten minutes earlier is all I need to do, and it's literally the perfect start to every morning! 
-Smile At A Stranger Everyday
I'm sure everyone has crappy days once in awhile....and I hope you had your day made from the actions of others. I remember having a bad night and ended up at bubble tea shop by my dorm at 1:30am. The barista asked me how I'm doing and I said "Ehh...", and he gave me my drink for free. Something so small made my night because I knew he cared, and why should we not try to do that for others as much as possible? (don't expect free bubble all the time haha)
-Wear My Retainer
I saved this one for last, because I haven't worn mine in errrr two months? For someone who had braces for a couple of years, the LAST thing I'd want to do is have all of that time go to waste having food stuck in my teeth (so attractive).  Wear your retainers, people! And that includes myself. 

This was fun to put together, and I'd love to know some habits you hope to form this summer, or your favorite Bible verse! 


  1. disqus_xpwN2QFXTBJune 5, 2015 at 8:31 PM

    Ah the summer holidays (or any holidays) are perfect times to become a better happier person - wearing your retainer included. I like the second last one, about smiling at a stranger a day. It's funny how far a little action can go sometimes. x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. I definitely need to do the exercise one! I've been so lazy so far this year! x