Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Making A Dorm Room Feel Like Home

I was never one to get super homesick, but I definitely did miss having my own bathroom once in awhile. It wasn't until a month or two after I moved in did my roommate and I fill up the blank walls -  that alone made the room much more comfortable. Here are a couple of things to make you enjoy where you live (even in a super cramped space!). And thanks to Parachute Home for the idea to share some of my favorite things to bring to school :)

1. Pictures, pictures, pictures! // This filled space on the walls, and it was a nice reminder of all of my friends and family back home. 
2. Neutral colored sheets // Having good quality sheets that go with every comforter, makes it worth the investment to spend a bit more and keep your bed comfy. 
3. Mattress pad // I seriously couldn't get out of bed some days because of this, and you don't need to spend a lot of money on them too. 
4. Room spray // Also something that is SO important is keeping your room nice is the way it smells (!!). 
5. A (good quality) hand vacuum // For someone like me who sheds a lot, I used my hand vacuum almost everyday. You'd be surprised at how much you need it for every spill and all of the dirt from people walking in and out of your room.   

*This was in collaboration with Parachute Home, but it is not sponsored. 

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