Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Current Favorite Blogs

Even though I've been busy with school, I still like to find time to read other blogs in-between classes or before bed. I love to see the creativity of others because there are so many bloggers who are all SO different. In this post, I'll only be talking about a couple of blogs, but trust me - these are not the only great ones out there! The rest will be on my "What I Read" page in different categories so you can check them out too (which you totally should!). 
I actually found out about Brooke's blog because a friend from high school met her in college (thanks Maty!) I'm obsessed with all of her posts, and it's easy to see her personality through her pictures and writing. She writes about everything from food, books, life, and whatever is on her mind. (Oh and she's from michigan too) 

The Peanut Butter Lover 
Katherine's blog is the cutest thing EVER, and I am always in love with her reflection post. She's so relatable, and also has the best twitter account! I'd describe her blog as a lifestyle blog, as she writes about food, college, and life (my favorite topic). 

Everything's Always Sunny 
I met Kristen at an event over the summer in Grand Rapids, and it was so nice to finally meet another blogger in person! She is so incredibly sweet and dedicated to her blog, and her fashion posts have to be my favorite. I also love that there is sort of a theme to all of her posts, and everything flows beautifully. I would say hers is definitely a good read if you're in search of something positive and brightening for your day.
Constance Browne
Also a college student, I also find her blog so relatable and adorable. Her pictures are beautiful, and I definitely won't forget to mention that she is also so sweet! I love reading other blogs who are also currently in school, and I always learn something new.

Project Soiree
I also met Sara this past summer, and she always has the best restaurant recommendations in west Michigan. She posts multiple times throughout the week, and my favorite posts are her recipes. She definitely focuses on the local scene which is always a plus because there's so much to discover in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Bungalows and Olives 
Again another local blogger (yay!), Katie Grace also has her own photography business, and it definitely shows. I could stalk her Instagram for hours on end, and all of her pictures are bright and happy. She does many outfit posts which I adore, little DIY projects, and more.

Again, don't forget to check out the "What I Read" page at the very top to look at all of the other blogs I also like to read from time to time as well. Oh and if you would like me to check out your blog or someone else's you'd recommend, definitely leave a comment - I will always love reading and discovering new content! It provides inspiration for my own posts, and 

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