Friday, November 13, 2015

My Favorite Healthy Snacks On The Go

Okay so I've pretty much decided that I like snacking more than actual meals..not sure if that's a good or bad thing but all I know is that snacks are what help keep me going throughout those long long  days. I'll eat one in-between lunch and dinner, and especially during those late study nights, it keeps me focused. Even though I'm already in my second year of college, there are times where I'll forget to eat because I'm so busy, and other times where I'll eat way too much sugar (ie. ice cream) or salt (ie. bosco sticks). AND on top of that, it's the holiday season so that means even more craziness. 
Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks that are portable to carry around, and that will keep you satisfied and less cranky during those finals. Oh and a quick shoutout to Nuts.com for inspiring this post - I could write so many posts on healthy food because there's always so much more to learn :)
Okay, so I'll start off with saying my absolute favorite healthy snacks are so plain but delicious. I think fresh fruits and vegetables are so underrated, but there's such a huge variety and I love eating them along side with peanut butter or hummus. Some of my personal favorites are carrots, broccoli, apples, tomatoes, cauliflower, and especially bananas - they are they best fruit to bring to class because they are the quietest.

When I am craving something crunchy, I'll definitely go for some homemade trail mix with almonds, pecans, cashews, and dried fruit. I cannot get enough of dried pineapple lately, and it's unlimited in my school's cafeteria (just watch out for added sugar).
I know people talk about how bad packaged foods are, but to a degree I think some are much better options than others. The best portable ones are Larabars or Kindbars which only contain a couple ingredients and have a good amount of protein, and course I can never get enough of popcorn. Skinny pop and Indiana kettle corn are SO good. And when I want something sweet, dark chocolate covered fruit or this Trader Joe's "this blueberry walks into a bar..." are yummy. 

Lastly, I just HAVE to give a shoutout to my #1 snack - medjool dates. They may look weird, but these dates are literally nature's candy. I love them to sweeten smoothies, make energy balls, or best of all, just on their own. They are chewey, delicious, and are high in vitamin B, and contain three times the amount of potassium in bananas. ..whoa. I highly recommend stuffing them with almond butter.

Check out Nuts.com and their healthy snacks or quick snacks page for even more inspiration! And of course let me know some of your favorite healthy snacks as well in the comments section.
With love,
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Saturday, November 7, 2015

You Decide To Make Social Media "Real"

If you haven't heard of her, a video by Essena O'Neill was posted recently about her experience with social media. A popular instagrammer and model, she talks on how her obsessiveness with social media wasn't "living". I actually cried watching the video because I really felt for her. Starting out a such a young age of 14 or 15, she would skip meals and obsessively workout, then spend hours posing for the perfect instagram picture pretending to be someone she wasn't. She discusses in the video on how negative social media can be, and to just go outside and talk to people. 

I do fully agree with her that it is sad how much time each day staring at a screen. I'm completely guilty of this. Although, I think that her situation is different from others, and that we shouldn't be immediately discouraged by social media. I've seen so much good and come from it, and that there's a line between using social media for the fun of it and to connect, than to making it a priority. 

We all care about the number of likes and followers to some degree, but to have your happiness depend on them just breaks my heart. Happiness and self worth should come from inside yourself, and knowing that Jesus and so many people care about you! I think Essena's example shows the harm social media can do. It was such a great reminder to put down my phone and talk to my friends, and it definitely made me more aware to post positive things. 

You decide to be yourself on social media, and to be real. Social media is real. The words are real, the people are real, and it's beyond me to even think of how crazy it is that we can affect and reach people through it. Even though there are people who can be superficial on social media, posing for pictures and getting absorbed into sponsored posts, the reason for why they do so is real. Maybe they're insecure and rely on it, or maybe they are struggling to make ends meet.

 I hope this put a new perspective on social media for you, and I'm so grateful that a platform like this exists for me to connect with all of you. Take a walk, look at the stars, and spend hours talking with people who make you happy.