Sunday, December 6, 2015

18 Things I've Learned At 18

What the heck. Even though I'm already a sophomore in college, I am seriously so sad that this will be my last of being a teen. I definitely don't feel older, but I have learned a couple of things this year from experience. My birthday was last Sunday, and all I did was go out to eat with my family, hang out with some friends, and all in all it was low-key and just what I needed. Anyway, here are 18 things that I've grown to learn/accept this past year. 
1. All nighters are never a good life choice: I've only pulled one successful all nighter ever, and all of the other ones have resulted in my body hating me and my test grade being the same. 

2. It's okay to be a couple minutes late to class: Anyone else get really anxious about walking into class late and having everyone stare at you? I've honestly even skipped class because I was only 5 minutes late before just for that reason. Oops. 

3. Yes, you should exercise today: These past few weeks I've finally started to exercise a couple of times a week and I already feel so much better. Even if it's late at night, just fitting in 30 minutes will add up and make a difference.

4. Don't underestimate sleep: That being said, I've learned to use me time wisely and take naps when possible, and just getting into bed before midnight is an accomplishment.

5. Having a job during school isn't too bad: I just got an office job through my school, and I thought I would no longer have any time to do anything. I was so wrong because I love my job, and the hours fit really well into my schedule.

6. Time management. That's all. : Yeah, I should've started studying for that exam like yesterday.

7. A few close friends > a bunch of friends who don't really know you: I definitely struggled with this these past couple of months, and it's okay to not have a lot of friends. I've realized that there are only a couple of people who I can really be myself with, and that is what matters. 

8. Always keep popcorn, chocolate, and bananas in the room. : This is to avoid ordering late night breadsticks and for stress eating.

9. Right NOW is the best time to make mistakes. (but not really stupid ones): I'm definitely not proud of some things I've done this year, but hey, the teen years are practically meant for making mistakes and learning...as long as the mistakes aren't HORRIBLE. 

10. That one guy does not matter: lol at boys. I've been learning more and more to just be happy with who I am, and if there is someone to share that with, awesome. If not, it's okay to "play the field" (gosh I hate that saying) or just be happy with yourself. Because you're cool.

11. Spending a night alone is okay. It's actually really good. Don't feel sorry for yourself and enjoy listening to music, reading, and just have some peace. 

12. Have fun on the weekends. The weekends will always go by SO fast, so take that time to relax and have fun....except on sundays. Do all of your homework on sunday.

13. Yeah it's scary, but do it anyway. Steph, look back at everything remotely exciting that's happened in you life. It's when you made decisions on impulse that were scary and took a chance. Do it again this year, live more.

14. Keep your heart and mind open. Don't close yourself off to new things or people. Remember the moments when you open your eyes and learned to love them.

15. Be yourself. self explanatory. 

16. Rest in Him. Leaning on God during the hard times, easy times, and every time never fails. It's all about the relationship, and God isn't far away. He's right here, and with you.

17. love love love. never stop loving others even when you don't want to and even when you feel like you absolutely HATE them.

18. STOP WORRYING SO MUCH. Please stop giving yourself unneeded stress. 

That whole saying of "you live and you learn" to me means something more like more like "make a bunch of mistakes and try not make them again" oops. I can't wait to be back writing and posting more often over winter break, right after I (hopefully) survive finals. 

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