Monday, June 20, 2016

5 Youtube Channels You Need in Your Life

It's no secret that I watch more youtube than any other tv show or movie. These five channels are some of my favorites, and range from making me laugh to making me want to make some food at 3am. If you're new-er to youtube (where have you been??) I recommend starting out with these channels. 

1. hotforfood - Whether you are a vegan or not a vegan, Lauren and John are just the funniest people who REALLY know how to cook. I always get so much inspiration from them, and it's really made me more educated and aware of veganism. I've tried a couple of their recipes and all of them have turned out so well.

2. lindseyrem - Lindsey's style and makeup are literally everything I want to be. Seriously. With her simplistic clothes and subdued colors, her look is a little more edgy but also natural. My favorite content of hers are makeup videos and clothing hauls!

3. jessbeautician - Another youtuber, I mainly watch her What I Eat In A Day vidoes for inspiration. She is also vegan, but is so creative in the kitchen making easy, simple meals. I highly recommend her channel for food and beauty videos!

4. David Dobrik - A comedian type social media guy from vine, he created his own vlog channel which has been BLOWING up. I recommend starting from his first vlog, which are all so hilarious. It's interesting to watch what happens in someone's everyday life, but him and his friends are so funny. I laugh at every pretty video's he's made. 

5. JessiSmiles - Another Vine-r turned Youtuber, Jessi makes the BEST story time videos talking about her bad dates and drunken nights. She is easily my favorite channel on youtube and also the most genuine!

What are some of your favorite youtube channels to watch? 

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  1. I looooove Jessi Smiles. I always get super excited when she uploads a video. I'm gonna check out David Dobrik's channel :)