Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Summer I Turned Pretty

I'm not writing this blog post like my usual ones; a new recipe, makeup favorite, or outfit that only takes a little while to write. Today I'm basically journaling, and sharing some of my thoughts with you all. Usually, a post like this would definitely not go on here...but I thought I'd try something new and be (sort of) vulnerable because why the hell not? 

Everyday, something little changes, and it only takes so many of those days for me to even notice. Like for example, this summer I started working out almost every day, and declined so many potato chips and junk food opportunities (they seem to happen everyday??). And after two months, I reluctantly weighed myself yesterday and gasped at seeing a number fifteen less than a couple of months ago.

The same thing applies to this summer. I was supposed to live with a friend in the cutest house ever in the middle of nowhere, make memories, and complete an internship to really lock in any prospects for this forthcoming career far. When I found out I had to turn that opportunity down...oh wow, I was mad, but also confused. I thought it was an opportunity God placed in my life, but I was very wrong. Turning down that internship has resulted in me living at home and back at my old job...but still making so many memories. 

I was scared, so scared, of being back at home, not having my roommate there all the time, or friends just down the street to console in. The memories of last summer, a summer where I felt so far from my faith and people I cared about, came back to haunt me. Why do we always think that we know what's best for ourselves when God knows what is best for us?

I'm not saying this summer was filled with endless beach days, shopping trips, and easy peasy weeks, but I didn't think I could grow this much at home. Some days were SO hard, but the only way out if through. Looking on the positive side, I got to see friends and explore little towns, spend lots and lots of time with family, and best of all, meet new people I otherwise wouldn't have gotten to know at all. I'm still so ready to go back to school (4 weeks!), but I'm thankful for these past two months and plan to make the most of August. 

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