Tuesday, August 16, 2016

5 Things to Expect At A Big College

To say I was scared for freshman year of college is an understatement. What intimidated me the most was meeting new people, me being a speck among thousands. For someone who isn't super out going or talkative, I thought I'd be alone in my dorm room every weekend, knitting scarves and stalking Nathan Adrian on instagram (as it turns out I only did that once a month). The college I go to has more than 50,000+ students, and it has its ups and downs. For anyone curious on what college life is like at a bigger school, or if you're a freshman about to go to one, here are some things I learned that will hopefully help you!

1. The bigger the school, the more diversity (hopefully)
I grew up in a suburban area, and went to an averaged sized high school. It wasn't the most diverse high school ever, but making the transition to a large state school has let me meet SO many new people from all backgrounds. From international students, people from across the country, and since I only live an hour away lots of my friends only live 30 minutes away from my hometown. Be excited to meet new people, see how other people were raised, and keep an open mind.

2. Everyone is in the same boat
Even though it may not seem like it, every freshman is nervous. Some people are much better at hiding it, but who wouldn't be afraid of being put in a place where they don't know many people, if at all anyone? It's a good reminder to have when you're lost in the chemistry building on the first day of class. 

3. You will be sharing a bathroom
It's the harsh reality of dorm life, but honestly I didn't think it was all that bad. I'm sure that at small schools people are sharing bathrooms too, but in general you'll either share one bathroom with 3 or 4 people, or have community bathrooms with the people in your hall. Honestly, I liked having community bathrooms because that meant I didn't have to clean it at all :) 

4. There will be a LOT of school spirit
If sports is a big deal at the school, most likely most students will love attending games, tailgating and having watch parties. I liked sports before I came to college, but now I LOVE watching my team play. 

5. Get your walking shoes on
The bigger the school, the bigger the campus. I walked to most of my classes, and took the bus once in awhile. I personally prefer walking even though it takes so much longer, but it helps to explore campus and have some alone time. If you don't want to walk or take the bus, you can always bring a bike to school too.

These are just a few things that stood out in my mind after two years at a big school. I cannot wait to go back in just a week! Do any of you also go to a big school or a smaller one? 

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