Monday, August 22, 2016

Greek Life: To Rush or Not to Rush?

If you've been deciding on whether to join greek life or not, I had one of my best friends Emily talk about what she's loved for the past two years in her sorority. For myself, I decided not to rush for a couple of reasons. But if this is something that interests you, don't let the stereotypes get in the way! Depending on the school, greek life will vary, and it doesn't hurt to go to rush week to see for yourself and then decide. Don't forget to factor in things like cost and time commitment, but also life long friendships and community involvement. Keep reading to see what Emily has to say on her experience so far as a Chi Omega at Vanderbilt University!

It feels like every display of Greek life nowadays is nothing but negative. The new movie Neighbors 2: Sororities Rising epitomizes the “stereotypical sorority girl.” Sorority girls are portrayed as blonde, sexy, and ditzy. We spend every night partying and clinging to a frat guy’s arm. We pay for our friends; we couldn’t care less about academics. In reality, this picture is so far from the truth.
As a sorority woman of two years, I rave about my Greek experience at every opportunity. My sorority has made my college experience infinitely better without dominating all of my time and energy. To explain further why I love my sorority so much, here are the top three reasons why I chose to go greek!

That is emily on the right side :) 
  1. A sorority can be a vehicle for increased community involvement. By joining a sorority, you immediately have a national philanthropy to love. A sorority does numerous events each year to raise money and awareness for their cause (s/o to my sorority, Vanderbilt Chi Omega, for raising $60,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation in just one event!). But besides your philanthropy, sorority women are passionate about other areas of the community, and will drive you to share your talents for the community.
  2. A sorority helps you find other women with diverse interests, but shared values. My sisters encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone and try many new things. But, we all have similar values that anchor us together. This important balance makes a sorority feel like a home away from home.
  3. A sorority’s amazing sisterhood will inspire you. The number one reason I joined the sorority that I did was because I felt both loved and inspired by the women I met. I am surrounded by young women who achieve great things and express huge compassion to others. All of this makes my sorority experience more meaningful, because I am pushed to be the best version of myself daily.
I hope that clears up any myths about sorority life, and encourages you to consider joining a sorority at your own school. Greek life can be an amazing part of your college experience if you find a sorority that is right for you. Thanks for letting me share!


ps. If you have any questions about sororities or Vanderbilt University in general just email me at emilyschafer27@gmail.com!

Thank you all for reading, and let me know what your thoughts are on greek life!

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