Thursday, September 1, 2016

5 Tips for Buying Clothes on a College Budget

Here is the first part to a series on how to save money in college, something that is a struggle for so many people just like me. I'll be writing about different areas of spending - the first today being about clothes, and some little tips that I have learned along the way. Thankfully, I grew up with money saving parents, and it's definitely made me more conscious and aware of where I'm putting my money. Honestly, it's even hard for me to spend more than $20 on a top or pair of jeans, but I definitely don't sacrifice quality. I really hope something in this post helps you out even if you're not a college student!

1) Never disregard the sale section
It may look run down, messy, and not worth looking through, but deep down, there could be something that is worth looking for. Especially if there is an extra discount on the sale section, I've found jeans or jewelry for ridiculously low prices. 
2) Go to a variety of stores 
At first look, more expensive stores like Madewell or J. Crew seem to to be out of budget. It may be harder to find things on sale or worth buying, but if I have extra time at the mall or am looking online, I'll check out the sale section just in case. I've found some really great pieces that fit into my budget because of this.
3) Actually use your student discount!
Put your college ID to good use, and receive an additional percentage off your total purchase. Most stores will let you use this on items that might already be on sale. Last month I bought a pair of black jeans from Express for $25, but used my ID to get an additional 15% off! Here is a great list of just some of the stores that have student discounts. Another great source is Unidays, with a TON of great discounts too! I've ordered from ASOS and Boohoo for very cheap using this website. 
4) Consignment stores...
I have a love hate relationship with places that buy back name brand clothes and sell them at a higher price. I've made a decent amount of money at places like Plato's Closet, but I've had more luck in selling my clothes than buying good quality pieces at a reasonable price. To make the most money, just spend 10 extra minutes folding everything neatly, buttoning all of the buttons, and ironing out the wrinkles. Although I will say that once in a while they'll have "grab bag" deals where an entire bag is $5, but to find something great you really have to look through everything and wait in long lines. 
5) Keep up with the social media 
This is more so applicable to local boutiques to see when they have really great sales going on. Many places use facebook or instagram, and will even just have deals that they post on social media and not in the store! I remember at one place by my house, for one hour only everything in the sale section (dresses, shoes, tops, etc.) were only $10 each! I love shopping local because everything is unique, and supporting small businesses in my hometown is always a good thing. 

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