Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back to School Loves

The new roomies!
This week is officially my first full week of classes, and already I'm stressing out - but what better way to take a break from studying than to write a blog post? I've missed being able to write blog posts, but school comes first I guess...At least my first favorite of the year are my new roommates this year, and I will have a blog post on some cute DIYs we did to decorate the house! Anyway, here are the rest of my favorites that I've been loving for the start of the school year:
My friend Alyssa made this with watercolor, and I am absolutely in love with it. I love that watercoloring has been more popular recently, and also it's a reminder that God is good all the time. It's not just the watercolor print though, as when I moved back to school I finally found a church that I absolutely love and feels like home. It's pretty awesome to find a welcoming community that makes me excited go every Sunday. I've never really had that before!

Sandwiches in general have been my go to meal because I don't live in the dorms anymore and can't go to the cafeteria! This particular one is from a local deli, and it was SO AMAZING and all vegan! My favorite sandwiches are hummus and roasted veggies, peanut butter + granola + maple syrup, and of course avocado + tomato.

For some reason I always associate nail polish with the new school year, and I just picked up Essie's "Penny Talk" from this beauty supply store. Essie is only THREE dollars there, and I'll be writing a post soon on how I save money when buying beauty products!

Last but not least are my love for dark framed glasses. Sometimes I'm so lazy to put in my contacts in the morning, and this style is still so cute and perfect for class to give my eyes a rest. These ones are from Warby Parker, in the style called "Chelsea". Their new collection comes out today, and my brother has purchased glasses from them in the past and loved them. I've been on the market for new glasses (my eyesight is still getting worse...) and I've had my eye on a couple new ones!

Being back at school is so weird but also amazing at the same time. Let me know some of your back to school favorites in the comments, and I can't wait to show you my college house in the next post!
Much love,

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