Monday, November 28, 2016

19 Things I Learned at 19

Another year older, another wiser? It sure doesn't feel like it, but I could easily write more than enough lessons I've learned this past year. Your girl is finally not a teenager anymore (I'm actually pretty sad about it),  but I'm not doing anything extravagant to celebrate this year. I'm saving that for next year of course for when I turn 21! Oh and also, please prepare yourself for some painfully cheesy, but true things I've learned this year. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Body Image

In my opinion, I think this is a pretty heavy topic because everyone has experienced some negative thoughts about themselves just because of what they look like. I can't remember a time when I actually liked the way my body looked. Yes that absolutely sucks - but is also true for so many people. It all started in elementary school around the 3rd grade, when I just gained some weight (school lunches). The years went by and in middle school, I started to play tennis which somewhat balanced out my eating habits. They consisted of sugary breakfasts, chips, and especially those after school snacks by the television. I got to high school and was playing varsity tennis pretty competitively. I would just use the excuse of playing six days a week for eating bigger portions. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

My College House + Living Off Campus

fabric banner - homemade(twine, fabric, hole puncher, and a couple nails), home sweet home sign - homemade (wood sign from michael's and any acrylic paint), flower decals - hobby lobby
Oh yes, I am still alive (barely). It has been so long since my last post, but school and interviews and clubs has taken up most of my time, and I miss this little corner of the internet. I'm so happy to be back and posting content! So, now that I'm in my third year of college, I no longer live in the dorms but in a tiny house off campus. I'm SO glad to have my own space and be much more independent, but it definitely has its ups and down. Although, I will say this post is thanks to all of the work of my roommates who are much more creative than I am - if it were up to me, all of the decor would be black and white. All of these little accents were super cheap to make, and make all the difference in making the space so much more comfy.